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About Me

Hi! My name is Jonathan Henry. I have been learning languages for a while now. I have never attended formal classes for learning languages. Besides English, I also speak Spanish and Italian. And right now, I’m learning Hebrew and French.

I know that three languages are no big deal these days. But I’m excited about how I learned one of these languages. So, I want to share what I found helpful during my journey.

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Spanish is my mother tongue. And as I grew up, family members spoke Spanish and English at home. So, I also got a good grasp of English.

I have Italian ancestors. But contrary to what happened with English, I rarely heard Italian growing up.

The Internet has tons of resources for learning languages. Thus, I made up my mind to learn Italian by myself. Based on my interests, I tried several routes. But at the time, I didn’t have a guideline. And I didn’t know if others had ever learned languages solely online. So, I was pretty much in the dark.

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When I felt confident enough to talk to family members, I was surprised at the achievement, and so were they. “How come you learned Italian without studying?” everybody asked. But that’s only true, in a way: I never attended formal classes. But, I was committed to using the internet resources to learn the language.

So, now that I know that this works, I would like to share with you those things that worked for me. Give it a try. All you need is commitment.

Please click here to check out some of the resources I recommend for learning Italian. Don’t worry, all of them are free to join.

Thank you for visiting my site. I wish you all the best with your language-learning journey!

Jonathan Henry.