There are a lot of free tools we can use when learning a language. You may probably think that if it’s free it’s low quality. And although that may be true in some cases, there are many resources that are excellent and free. All you need to do is look hard enough. But we have already done some research and we can happily point you out good resources.

Tablet and books

For a person that speaks English, there are a lot of advantages when learning a new language. And this comes in terms of the available courses. There are a lot of programs for English-speaking people to learn any other language. For example, Portuguese-speaking people have fewer courses available.

So, feel lucky. English will open a lot of doors. But, this doesn’t mean that just knowing English will make it easier to learn a foreign language. It still depends on you. It depends on how much effort you put into it.

Planning to learn Italian?

There are naturally, other factors to consider too. One of them would be the target language, and how far it is from English. For an English-speaking person, it will be much easier to learn German than Spanish. But for a Portuguese-speaking person, it will be easier to learn Spanish than German.

We want you to feel happy about your advantage. But we also know it’s important you also commit to learning.

Tablet and laptop

You have a lot of resources at your disposal. But that doesn’t mean you can expose yourself to the target language for an hour a week and expect awesome results. You’re misquoting me if you say “an English-speaking person has advantages so I can study less.”

You need to commit to using these resources. The variety will certainly help you find interesting things. But still, that learning process must be covered. You must expose yourself to the language over enough time.

But, the main point here is that you should feel grateful. It’s much easier to learn using the thing you like.

guitar at home

Some resources for learning languages may seem boring to you. And others interesting. But having to choose is an advantage.

Free Italian courses

Our goal is to provide you with diversity and you make up your mind about which fits you best. Here are some free Italian courses and resources that we recommend:


It’s a nice course you can download on your iPhone, Android, or use the web version. It’s for beginners and will take you to an intermediate level. To learn more about Duolingo, click here.

Innovative Languages’ Italianpod101

This is a very good podcast-based course. It has a very flexible structure. I find that listening to the language we want to learn is very powerful. It invites proficiency. To learn more about Innovative Languages’ Italian podcasts, click here.


Also created by Duolingo. And it compliments what you learn on the main platform. This app (iPhone and Android) and website help you learn vocabulary. And their flashcards are aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, to read a bit more about them, click here.

La Mappa Misteriosa

It’s a very interesting BBC free course. It’s for a beginners-intermediate level. But even if you already know Italian, we still recommend it. You will enjoy your time, plunging into the very heart of Italy. To learn more about La Mappa Misteriosa, click here.

Here are also some additional resources that may aid you in learning Italian:

Duolingo Dictionary

It’s always handy to have a place where to look up vocabulary. Take a look at this free interactive Dictionary powered by Duolingo. Click here to take a look at it.


This is an app where you can translate the tweets of famous accounts into Italian. You can also view the translations done by others. If you’re a bit more advance in your Italian skills, take a look at this one. Thus, you could even earn some money (through PayPal) by translating a paragraph or two. They have a service in which users request translations. And they pay for them. To get more details about this app and website, click here.

If you would like to continue searching for more courses, please click here.