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In this post, I’m going to recommend an excellent FREE Course that you can take everywhere you go. You can practice and have fun at the same time because it’s very much like a game. You will be advancing levels in the program while you’re learning the language. They sure are doing things right because they launched their program on November 30th, 2011 and they already have 300 million registered users across the world.

It’s name is DUOLINGO! And you can access it by clicking here.


DUOLINGO is a platform that includes a language-learning website and app that can be run on iPhone and Android.

The platform’s idea of learning a language is very practical. It doesn’t force you to read grammar texts to complete the course. It’s designed so you can understand the meaning of the sentences in the course intuitively, only with the images and the translation tab. Also, the mistakes that you make help you to learn, because the program marks and corrects them on the exercises that you fill in.

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Languages available in DUOLINGO

Duolingo world

DUOLINGO means that it involves two languages, in our case: our base language, English; and our target language, Italian. There is a great deal of languages available on DUOLINGO to learn thru English. At the time of this post, the languages that are available are:

  • Latin American Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Russian
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Hindi
  • Greek
  • Irish
  • Polish
  • High Valyrian
  • Norwegian Bokmål
  • Hebrew
  • Vietnamese
  • Hawaiian
  • Danish
  • Romanian
  • Czech
  • Welsh
  • Indonesian
  • Swahili
  • Ukrainian
  • Esperanto
  • Scottish Gaelic
  • Latin
  • Klingon
  • Hungarian
  • Navajo

If you are interested in one of these languages, you can also go to DUOLINGO through the link above to start learning them also. Your journey to becoming a polyglot may begin with DUOLINGO.

Duolingo Languages

What can you find in the DUOLINGO Italian course?

Starting the Italian course, if you are not a complete beginner, you can take an exam so that they assign you to a certain level. And of course, you can just start at level 1. The course begins with some basics, some easy phrases and naming foods. It is impossible to learn Italian without thinking in delicious Italian foods. As Italians say, in their passion for good food: “A tavola non si invecchia”, that simply means: “Eating at the table with family and friends, you don’t become old”.

Duolingo Course

Each level consists in completing a certain amount of tasks. These tasks can be: translating correctly a phase from Italian to English or from English to Italian; looking at a picture and writing its name in Italian; matching English and Italian words, completing an Italian phrase, and so on.

Duolingo Images

When you fill in a task correctly, you advance. When your task is incorrect, you move backwards. You complete the level when you arrive at a finish line.

Duolingo progress

During all the process you’re constantly motivated with a cheered up sound each time you submit a correct answer. And once you cross the finish line you are awarded with points, that you can later spend buying some costumes for your DUOLINGO buddy. You can also use these earned points to enable certain special powers, or to open certain special levels. With it’s gamified structure, you’ll become a child again thinking you are playing a video game.

Duolingo Store

You can keep tracking on your daily progress by watching how many points you earned each day.

You can also view all the vocabulary you have been exposed to during all your time in the program. And these words can be discriminated by how long ago was your last exposure to them. For example, the program will show vocabulary you have recently practiced, vocabulary you were exposed to a week ago, two weeks ago, and so on.

Duolingo learned words

As you complete levels, some upper levels are activated. Every now and then you have to return to some of the completed levels for a quick review, as the program simulates how words fade away in your brain after some weeks without using them. I really like DUOLINGO! I think it’s cool!

Duolingo Lesson complete

Some more features in DUOLINGO are:

You can receive amplified explanation in every phase that is submitted. There is the option to view the grammatical rules that are taking place in the phrase. Tons of examples of different uses of the words in the phrase are also explained. If you’re interested in grammatical rules, you have this option (if you’re not, don’t open the “amplified explanation” window).

Learn Italian with a podcast-style course

In the tasks where you are required to translate, DUOLINGO permits more than one valid translation. And if you have translated a phrase and it has been qualified as incorrect, there is an option to submit to DUOLINGO for consideration. But they have been through a lot of testing and they do an excellent job in judging correct and incorrect translations.


So, there is no excuse. DUOLINGO is an excellent program and it is real fun to use. And to cap is all, it’s FREE!!! Just click here to check it out. Our DUOLINGO buddy is waiting for you to start with the training!

Duolingo training

As a plus, we would also suggest you read this post where practical advice is given on how to smoothly incorporate Italian (or any other language you want to learn) into your daily routine. You may be surprised how much more exposure you can get to the language you want to learn. Click here to out.

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have wanted to learn how to speak a new language, Italian or Spanish are my choices.

    I was looking around for resources that will make learning a new language easier. Duolingo looks promising, looks like it will allow me to learn at my own pace.

    The time practice quizzes look fun. Are they timing you on how long it takes you to get the correct answer, or is it a countdown timer? It’s more of a challenge if it’s a countdown.

    1. Good! I am glad to hear you want to learn a new language! And yes, you can immediately start learning with Duolingo, and you can go at your own pace. If you decide to Parlare l’italiano or Hablar en Español, in both cases you will discover that learning with Duolingo is fun! And right now, quizzes do not have a countdown timer, but I still find it challenging to cross each finish line! Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!

  2. Wow, Duolingo sounds pretty incredible! The first time I heard about it was a few years ago when my grandpa told me he was using it to learn some Spanish. I can’t believe how many different languages they teach with it!

    I like the gamification of language learning they they incorporate into the app. There’s just something addicting about earning lots of points while you are playing. I’m going to try it out on my iPhone for sure!

    But in your option, do you think that the phone version or the computer version is better to use?

    1. Yes, Doulingo has really grown fast since it was launched. And they keep on incorporating languages at an astonishing pace.The gamification of language learning has really made it fun!I frequently use the phone version, because it is very practical. Once in a while, I have some spare time and I go to the phone version. I also use the computer version, when I have a bit more time. I really do not prefer one above the other, but I really appreciate the fact that I can practice a little when ever I have a chance!I am glad to hear you will give it a try! And thanks for stopping by!

  3. OMG I absolutely love Duolingo! I used it first to learn Spanish and when I finished all the Spanish exercises I decided to learn some Italian. It was similar to Spanish but it is still a different language. I am currently at level 6 in Italian, but I stopped practicing because I am focusing now on learning Russian…
    Thanks for this great article!

    1. Hi! Thank you! That is great to hear you have tried and liked Duolingo! Qué bueno que pudiste terminar todo el curso de Español! Felicitaciones 😀 I also see that you love to learn new languages! So you can speak Spanish, Italian, Rusian and obviously English! That is wonderful! Nelson Mandela said: “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”. 😀

  4. This sounds like a great tool. I could’ve used it when I spent a summer in Italy, which I love by the way. Can’t wait to go back, and when I do I will take use of this tool and brush up my Italian. I only speak a few phrases so it will come in very handy.
    English is my second language I saw that it translate Swedish as well so I will actually introduce this to my kids as well, they are pretty fluent in Swedish but learning more words are always helpful,

    Thank you,

    1. I am glad to hear that you love Italy, and that you would like to visit it again! Yes, Duolingo will surely help a lot while you are preparing for your next trip! 😀
      Duolingo also has a Swedish Course, and it would be great for your kids! With Duolingo, they will enjoy playing and learning Swedish at the same time!
      I really appreciate that you stopped by and shared your thoughts. Thank you very much! Have a great day! 😀

  5. I had been happily learning Italian with Duolingo, when suddenly the lessons stopped. I was given a “golden owl” for my efforts, but Duolingo does not allow me to continue. Has Italian been withdrawn from the list of languages offered? Has Duolingo decided to cut Italian off at a certain point (I was at Level 10)? Could somebody please contact me about this? This letter does show that I am very disappointed not to be able to continue with Italian on Duolingo. (I must add that Duolingo keeps giving me daily reminders to continue with my Italian!) I would strongly recommend Duolingo Italian to anybody – provided that the lessons have not been cancelled, for whatever reason.

    Thank you for everything you have taught me so far.


    1. Hello, Margaret! I really appreciate your keen interest in learning Italian and Duolingo is a great course for this purpose. It must have been a temporary issue because I can happily announce that the platform is up and running for Italian. 🙂 Please tell us how it’s working now on your end?

      I also want to recommend you a very interesting complement to Duolingo. It’s called Tiny Cards and it’s powered by Duolingo. To take a look at it, click here. I wish you continue having a wonderful time learning Italian, and now with Tiny Cards, your lessons will be even better! Please text us back and tell us how you liked this new complement. Best wishes! 🙂

  6. Henry,

    This is a great post and very informative. I have two boys in high school that are taking Spanish. An app like this could be very useful to them. I will definitely have them check it out.

    The content was well thought out and organized. It was easy to follow and showed just how easy it can be to use. With having a website based on traveling this would be something I would recommend to people traveling abroad.

    Great post


    1. Hi Richard.

      Thank you very much for your comment. Yes, I highly recommend this app for your boys. They will enjoy their time learning a new language.

      And this is a great resource for anybody that’s traveling abroad and needs to learn a language. Duolingo is a high quality language course and the best of all is that it’s free!

      All the best!

  7. Hi Henry

    WOW, thank you for this thorough and interesting post. I only recently learned about Duolingo, but what I have learned from this post of yours alone, proved that I hardly knew what the power of Duolingo really is.

    I was about to ask whether they’ve got a PC version, when I saw somebody else’s comment and your answer to it, so I will definitely check out the PC version – thank you, you’ve answered my question, even before I could ask it. LOL

    It is also very valuable to have a list of the words that was already learned – I like that. Does the program have a reminder system in place to remind me that certain words need to be reviewed at a certain time or do I need to just look at the graph and do it manually? This is a great idea, I love it!

    Thank you for this information Henry, I’m going to check it out! 🙂


    1. Hello, Sharlee!

      Yes, check this great free online course. You will like it very much.

      Concerning the reminder, Duolingo simulates how words fade in our brain while we don’t practice them. So it has a system that shows which lessons should be repeated, based on how long has passed since we practice the words in that lesson. 🙂

  8. One of my biggest regrets is not learning a second language. Sure I had taken a couple of classes in school of learning Spanish, but I never really grasped it and know very little of how to speak it. I love that you talked about Duolingo and how it can be used to learn another language, especially Italian. I like how you listed what to expect in each level. I love that is free and I think I will give this a try 🙂

    1. Hi Brian! Thank you very much for your comment! Yes, Duolingo is an excellent course to learn Italian and Spanish. And the best part is that it’s free! I highly encourage you to start as soon as possible. You have nothing to loose and lots to win! 🙂

  9. Thank you for reminding me how great Duolingo is! I’ve been thinking about getting back into learning another language and completely forgot how easy it was getting into it with Duolingo.

    Maybe this time I’ll try learning Italian… Or maybe I’ll try to improve my French skills. Thanks for the reminder. 

    1. Hi Petra! I’m glad you had already heard of Duolingo and know about it’s cool way of teaching languages! I’ve tried both courses (Italian and French) on Duolingo and they’re awesome! Come on! Start again learning a language today!  

  10. Thanks for your great post.  I liked how you show screen shots and described how the process works. It sounds really great to get encouragement and nice visuals as you’re learning the language.  So as you’ve shown it – it really looks like a fun way to learn.  The powers and games look like a really cool and motivational way to learn. FREE just makes it better.  Just a shame they don’t do the asian languages too.

    1. Hi John! Thank you very much for stopping by! Yeah, Duolingo has nice visuals and a really fun way to learn a language!I’m sorry that it doesn’t have many of the Asian languages, but they still have Vietnamese, and have recently included Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian. I hope one of these is the one you have in mind. Keep well!  

  11. Doulingo sounds like a fun way to learn other languages. I’ve always wanted to learn other languages, in addition to English and of course my native language Filipino. I am considering in particular Italian, Hebrew and Greek; Italian because I think it’s cool and Hebrew & Greek because I want to read my Bible in their original languages.

    And did you say it’s a free course? I wonder what’s in it for them if they don’t charge the users. I am pretty excited about this. However, I’m not so sure this is going to be easy because I’ve been in other countries and lived there for many years, yet I never learned how to speak their language fluently.  

    But I will give this a go, I hope it works. Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi, Alice! For people that are already bilingual, learning a third, forth or fifth language is much easier than for people that only speak one language. So, I highly encourage you to pursue this purpose.You’re pursuing to learn the three languages in which were written the title on the cross (John 19:20): Hebrew, Greek and Latin (Italian, with a bit of a stretch). Those were the three major languages in the world those days. That’s pretty cool!Concerning Duolingo being free, they place some adds (I have been using the program for a long time and they place one add only in the main menu and it’s so discreet that you hardly even notice it, but it’s there), and they make part of their profit that way.That’s cool you have been living abroad for many years. The more you immerse yourself in the new language, the quicker you’ll learn it!I say, go for it! Learning languages is a great exercise, it is fun, and you’ll be learning more of the things that are top priority for you! 🙂

  12. Wow, that is some incredibly popular language learning program. I mean it must be good, if it’s that popular. The learning methods also do suggest this as I have read some studies in the past that have shown that learning through context is the absolute best kind of learning of language.

    It’s how we naturally learned our very first language as babies. It’s really remarkable.

    I’d love to learn some Italian, and honing my German skill would also be so beneficial and envigorating.

    I must admit that the reward system of Duolingo is very well thought out, simply brilliant. I imagine it makes the learning of the language much more enjoyable and effortless as you do feel like playing a game, yet you are actually learning. So, so awesome!

    I’m absolutely hyped about this one, can’t wait to get started!

    Cheers and have a Great One!


    1. Hi, Matiss! Yes, it’s incredibly popular! I have never seen a language learning program as popular as Duolingo before. The fact that it’s free may help, but the key factor is it also is of high quality!

      You’re right, the approach by which you learn a language is all important. This one that Duolingo has chosen is really cool and effective!

      Go for it! You’ll feel great learning Italian and practicing your German skills. Keep well!

  13. Duolingo sounds amazing. 

    A few years back we lived in Sweden for a few years and naturally, my kids picked up Swedish. Sadly they more or less have forgotten it now and I would love them to pick up some of it again.

    Is the app totally free? Often they say it’s free and it’s just the trial that is free. 

    1. Hi Hollie! Yes, you can do all the lessons at Duolingo without paying a dime. You’ll have ads showing up at the end of each lesson, but they aren’t really annoying. During a lesson, no ads are displayed.Sure, I encourage you to present Duolingo to your children so they brush-up their Swedish. 

  14. Duolingo is a very popular app. I personally believe it’s the best of its kind in the World. Few years back, I tried learning French with the app. I progressed quite a lot but after a while stopped for reasons I can’t seem to remember right now.

    But based on my own experience using Duolingo, this is an app I can wholeheartedly recommend for anyone that wants to learn a new language. And as the cherry on top, it’s free!

    1. Hi Mikay! Yes, Duolingo is indeed a very popular app. The app and learning languages on the site are free. But that doesn’t mean that a lot of hard work hasn’t gone into this platform.

  15. I’m happy this app exists. I have been reading about it’s founders, Luis Von Ahn and Severin Hacker, and how they support free education.

    Von Ahn was born in Guatemala and saw how expensive it was for people in his community to learn English and this inspired him to create Duolingo. His project benefits us all worldwide.

    1. Hi! Yes, this is a great project and it’s founders have always had people that can’t afford to pay for courses to learn a second language in mind. Nowadays there are no excuses to learn a second language. Thank you very much for your comment.

  16. Hey there! I am really looking forward to learn a new language. And italian is one of them. I am not quite sure if I should pay a tutor or just learn it from youtube. Do you know if this application can help me? I would really appreciate your response. 

    1. Hey John! Good! I wish you the best on your journey learning a new language. Duolingo is a complement. It’s a very good program/app, but it can’t constitute your only source of learning. But I’d advice you to start right away with Duolingo, since it’s free, while you make your mind between a tutor or just youtube.

  17. Duolingo is a really handy app. It’s even better that it’s available on different platforms, especially on mobile devices, meaning that you can take your lessons anywhere with you. It’s also great that it offers the lessons in bite-sezied sessions making learning easy and accessible to almost anyone.

    Thanks for featuring the app!

    1. Hi! Yeah, I really like it’s lessons are in bite-sezied sessions! It makes it fit into our agitated lives. Thanks for stopping by! Keep well!

  18. I was looking for the Chinese language in the list but unfortunately, it’s not yet on the list. Maybe in the near future it will also be included together with Korean and Japanese language. I really need to learn these languages because, they’re our neighbors here (I’m from the Philippines). But since they aren’t here yet, then for now, I have to try other languages on the list particularly Italian.

    1. Hi Gomer! I have good news for you! Duolingo now has Chinese. They have opened quite a few Asian Languages too. I’m happy you’re excited about learning languages. All the best.

  19. I like the idea of taking a test first to establish at what level ones training in the language should start at. Italian is a very compelling language to learn. 

    My first visit to Italy was in the latter part of the last century and I loved every moment I was there. We had Italian hosts when out to restaurants that made it easy to understand the menu. I would have preferred to be able to read that myself. This free language course sounds very tempting to me. Definitely something to consider.

    I’ll be bookmarking Duolingo! 

    1. Hi Edwin! I’m glad to hear you have gone to Italy. Visiting this cool country and having Italian hosts makes a huge difference. You get to enjoy every aspect of your visit smoothly, without the language limitations.
      I’m also glad you found Doulingo interesting. Yes, it’s an excellent way to get started with a language. Please try it!

  20. Duo Lingo seems like it might be just the tool for me to finally learn Spanish, a language that is much needed here in the Southwestern US as well as Italian. I was looking for Rosetta Stone alternatives and was surprised at the power and ease of this app. Thank you for a detailed review to help me make a sound choice on systems.

    1. Hi Andy. Yes, Duolingo is a great option. Its quality is very high and it’s free. Do give Duolingo a try. 

  21. I have really enjoyed using Duolingo the past year or so, it’s a lot of fun as some of the other commenters mentioned. The gamification makes it a lot more interesting to say the least. I haven’t been using Duolingo to learn Italian but I have been using it with my mother and brother to learn French together. Your post caught my attention because I am interested in learning Latin or maybe even old Latin that the Roman Empire spoke. That said, I’ve also been wondering if it would be best to learn Latin first, or to learn Italian first? Do you know which would be best in your opinion? Thanks.

    1. Hi! I think you’d benefit a lot from learning Italian first and then moving on to Latin. Thank you very much for stopping by. Have a good day.

  22. Hello, thank you very much for sharing this post here on this awesome application. I am looking to travel down to Italy next year and I was looking for the perfect platform that will really help my learning process and I am very glad that I found DUOLINGO. I would very much like to give it a try but I will like to know how long it will take to learn a single language.

    1. Hi Henderson. How long it takes to learn a language? That is a difficult question to answer with a set time frame because there are so many factors that intervine. But, here is a video that might help to answer and also encourage you to get started. 

  23. Oh wow, this sounds pretty cool to be able to get to learn many different languages all in one single app. That’s pretty awesome and its not something that one sees regularly. 

    I like the fact that you could give us very good and detailed information on the platform as well. Is there use of language sounds in the app. I mean does the app communicate with us using the language we wish to learn?

    1. Hi John! Yes, the app has a lot of audios in the target language. In most excersises each sentence and even individual words have pronunciation audios attached.

  24. I have heard a lot about duolingo and to be honest, it’s all been on the good side! It helps that it’s free, but the number of languages and ease of use have made it a popular choice for learning another language like Italian. Even with the advancement of translation apps and technology, there is no substitute for being able to understand and converse in another language as it is being spoken.

    1. Hi Aly. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts concerning Duolingo. Yes, it’s become very popular due to all these benefits you mentioned and many more.

  25. Hi Henry! Thank you for this very informative article. I knew nothing about Duolingo, but you have convinced me to try it, as I am supposed to go to Venice in December. I find the Italian language quite difficult when it comes to conjugating verbs, so thank you for this hint. It is also fantastic that Duolingo has an app, as I intend to use it and to while on the bus. Thank you! Cheers!

  26. Hello Henry!

    Are you interested in learning Italian? I am glad to have found your article, Italian is my preferred foreign language (and English is NOT my first language, so Italian has priority).

    I really love Italian, although I have never visited Italy or Southern Switzerland (there people speak Italian also).

    I did not use Duolingo for this, but I also think it is a very useful tool for people who are motivated to learn foreign languages and thus improve their lives. I think the platform is really a motivating & also a funny one!

    Wish you good luck in learning this beautiful language, be it via Duolingo or not, and thanks for your post!

    Best regards,


    1. Hi Peter!Duolingo is effective and it’s also fun. I agree with you when you say it’s a useful tool to have handy when learning any language and in our case Italian. Thank you very much for stopping by.

  27. Thanks a lot for your article. I hadn’t hear about Duolingo. It has come to me at an excellent timing. I need to apply for a University in Norway but need to have a decent command in a couple of languages. And believe it or not, one of them is Italian. I’d like to learn the basics and this app seems to be good. Thanks.

    1. Hi Irin. Yes, Duolingo will suit you perfectly. Please give it a try. Besides learning the basics you’ll also have fun while you do. All the best on your journey to Norway.

  28. Henry, thank you very much for this article about Duolingo. I am glad I have came across this article because I would like to also learn Italian and Swahili because I have personal ties with people that speak them. I’ll join this platform. Thank you very much for the recommendation.

    1. Hi! That’s a good reason to learn these languages. I wish you the best learning them. Duolingo will help you a lot.

  29. This is great post. Thank you for sharing this with us. We all know how necessary it is to be at least bilingual. And technology has made things easier, from dictionaries to translators, there is not something call a language barrier in the information age. I will give it a try, Duolinguo

    1. Hi Randy. Yes, I agree with you, in the information age we shouldn’t have language barriers. Thanks for your comment.

  30. Thank you for posting this. 

    I have wanted to learn how to speak a new language, Italian or Spanish are my choices.

    I was looking around for resources that will make learning a new language easier.

     Duolingo looks promising, looks like it will allow me to learn at my own pace.

    Thanks for sharing. 

  31. This looks like a fun web- online platform to learn a foreign language. I am interested in Spanish since so many of my relatives speak it and it seems to be everywhere I live. I am excited to try it. I think it something that can be done in down time such as sitting in traffic or waiting on something. I look forward to using it. 

    1. Hola Lee. Que bueno que quieres aprendera hablar Español. I also speak Spanish and I know Duolingo does an excellent job teaching Spanish. Yeah, you could start learning it today for free while you’re sitting in traffic or waiting in line.

  32. This sounds like an excellent way to learn a new language, Henry and it’s free. Even better.

    I live in western Canada and french is the “Second Language” of the country. We also have a large population of  Italian speaking people as well so, either language would be a good place to start.

    I just retired a few months ago so I have a few more hours of leisure time on my hands. I could use some of that learning a new language and I really like the idea of learning to “Speak” as opposed to writing a language.  

    I also think this would be a good way to do a little “Brain Training” as well. 

    They say, you’re never too old to learn new tricks and I have never been against learning new things so I think I’ll give this a try.


    1. Hi Wayne.Thanks for stopping by. This is a great way to get started learning a language. And yes, I fully agree with you, this is an excellent “Brain Training”. You must definitely give it a try!

  33. Hi Henry. Thanks for your nice article. I heard about Duolingo a year ago from a friend. When I use it on my pc, it seems like I found a new world where I can learn many languages. I tried it first to learn Norwegian. Now that I have mastered Norwegian, I am interested in learning Italian. 
    Peoples are looking around for a handy sources that will make learning a new language easier. Duolingo looks amazing, looks like it will allow people to learn at their own place.

    1. Hi! I’m glad you’ve already tested Duolingo and have liked it. Yes, it’s a nice way to get started with any language. I hope you can start learning Italian right away. All the best! 

  34. I’ve been using Duolingo for a number of years. My main focus as of late has been Spanish. I think it’s an excellent space to start and if you use other free resources as well, you can quickly build up your knowledge. My only qualm is with the app version of Duolingo. You have lives and every time you mess up you lose a life. So if you mess up too many times you have to wait or pay for your lives to refill. And this could mean you lose progress and have to start a section again, which is very frustrating. Thankfully, as of right now, the desktop version does not have lives and you can make as many mistakes a as you need. 

    1. Hi! Thank you very much for sharing your experience using Duolingo. Good you have been using it for learning Spanish. All the best in your journey learning the language.

  35. My family has Italian heritage (well, our family tree actually traces back some of the first settlers of the island of Sicily), so I have always been interested in a trip to Italy. So far it hasn’t happened, but I do think it would be great to have a basic handle on the language before going over there. I am mostly fluent in Spanish already. Do you think that will make it easier to pick up Italian using the Duolingo app?

    1. Hi Tucker. That’s really interesting you can traces back your family tree to some of the first settlers of the island of Sicily. Thanks for sharing.Being already fluent in Spanish will make you learn Italian in no time. Just give it a time and you’ll see.

  36. I bumped into your website as I was looking for a way that my wife and I could learn some Italian as we are going there in a car trip in March! Duolingo sounds like a great idea and I cannot even believe when I opened the app!!! Thanks for the very clear and detailed review and for the great sense of humor.

    1. Hi Eddie. I wish you a wonderful trip with your wife to Italy. Yeah, Duolingo will help you a lot. It’s a nice cool app!

  37. Hello Henry. Learning new languages is fun. I have been learning different languages since I was a child. My mother speaks Spanish very well and she encouraged me to learn other languages. I have been involved in a couple of Italian lessons, but I just learnt the basics. I will try refreshing the little I learnt with this Duolingo app. Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Benson. I’m glad you started learning languages since you were a kid. That really helps.If you have already had contact with Spanish and have gone through a few lessons of Italian, you’ll catch up with Italian quickly when you start using Duolingo. All the best.

  38. I think Duolingo is really exciting. It pushes you to want to learn more. It’s different from being in a formal classroom learning languages. It’s more like playing a mind game. In my book, it’s excellent for making children want to learn another language. And we as grownups can have fun whilst learning. I also like they have French on the list.

  39. Wow, what a great tool!  I already signed up as a Free member and did my first lesson!  It is so cool and entertaining, and rewards you with points when you complete a level.

    I even checked out the paid membership which is a very reasonable price considering I am actually learning a new language.

    Can I sign in and use it on my mobile phone?

    1. Hi Phil!Yes, if you sign in for the paid version, you can use it on your mobile phone. The paid version includes a bunch of benefits and among them is mobile. The free version only allows users to use Duolingo on desktop/laptop.

  40. Thanks for your post!

    Wow, Duolingo is an interesting platform for those who want to learn a language. Although I wasn’t necessarily planning to learn a language, I saw your article, I saw that it can take only up to 20 min a day, and decided to start learning one. I picked Chinese since I’m already a native speaker in both English and Russian. That is what happens when your family moves countries when you are 10 years old. Thanks for your pointer!

    1. Hi Mikhail! Good you decided to give Chinese a try. Yeah, 20 mins a day can take you far. English and Russian, that’s cool! And adding Chinese to the list would be even better! Keep well!

  41. I have just finished re-binge watching the Sopranos. Now, I feel like I want to pick up some Italian. I have used Duolingo before for Japanese and it is pretty good for Japanese but I am not sure about Italian. Thanks for your review, I am going to give Italian a try 🙂

    1. Hi Nuttanee. Yes, Duolingo is good when it comes to Italian too. Please give it a try. You won’t regret it.

  42. Getting such easy access to learning different languages is very nice. Duolingo and its wide range of languages make it a must for anybody wanting to learn a new language. Its availability for both android and iPhone users makes it really comfortable. Does the app requires you to download these languages or they are already there?

    1. Hi Bella! Duolingo’s app, at the present, is only available for the paid version. There was a time when the free version was available for all devices, but now it’s only available on desktop and laptop. I hope this doesn’t discourage you.

  43. I love Duolingo. A few years ago I had this app on my tablet when I was interested in learning Russian. It is a great app for any one who does not have the money to pay for those fancy programs like Rosetta Stone.

    Thank you for reminding me about this great platform. I’ll start using it again.

  44. This seems like a great tool. I could’ve used it when I spent half a year in Italy. I loved my stay there. I can’t wait to return, and when I do, I will use this instrument and catch up on my Italian. I just understand a couple of expressions so this will come in handy.English is my second language. My family and I have been learning languages and we enjoy it. My children have been using Duolingo to learn Swedish and they really like it. 

    1. Hi! I really like the fact that you like learning languages as a family. That helps encourage every member to constantly find ways to improve your skills.

  45. Thanks Henry for this nice article. It will be of great help to my friends as it has been of help to me. So I’ll share it with them on social media.

    I like languages and have learnt quite a few African regional dialects. I also understand a bit of Spanish and can fluently speak French. So, I think I can learn the basics of Italian with Duolingo. 

    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your experience learning these African dialects. I find it interesting. Do allhese dialects have a written format? Are some of them in risk of disappearing? Please tell us about them.With this background, I don’t doubt you’ll learn Italian quickly. All the best.

  46. Hello Henry. Thank you for sharing this resource where we can learn several languages for free. This has been a nice discovery for me because learning any of these languages through this platform seems to be fun and practical. I like it’s programmed like a game. It’s a novel way of teaching languages.

  47. I totally LOVE this concept. I have more than once thought of buying a language course but I thought that it would become cumbersome and boring after a while so never have. Now, since DUOLINGO is set up as a GAME, I would be much more likely to practice with it (play it!) on a daily basis so as to learn.

  48. I love Duolingo. I used this app for learning Spanish and I went through all the Duolingo training course. It helped me to memorize the basics I needed. It is a great app for beginners and pre-intermediate students. However, for advanced students it’s not enough, in my opinion. But it can be always combined with other methods. 
    Language learning really requires to be in contact with the new language as often as possible and Duolingo makes it possible. It’s great that the app reminds you of the tasks every day and rewards you for doing them.
    I would recommend this app to everyone who wants to learn a foreign language.

    1. Hi! Thank you very much for sharing your experience using Duolingo. Yes, I agree with you, it’s good for beginners and pre-intermediate students. Advance students should go for other type of exposure.The reminders Duolingo sends daily really help us keep focused on our learning language goals. They’re encouraging. And that’s vital when learning a language, a step each day.

  49. I have seen the advertisement for this site somewhere but never really looked into it. I remember this little green owl. Wow, they do teach a lot of languages in there. So when you subscribe to this site, do you pay per course or pay for unlimited access? I am keen to try out. 

    1. Hi Cathy. Believe it or not, Duolingo is free.You can use the full version of any language on your desktop or laptop without paying a dime.There’s a paid version (but very affordable) to do the same courses on mobile.

  50. Hello. I believe DUOLINGO is an excellent opportunity for people who want to learn a second language. It will become necessary sometime in life’s journey. 
    I think I want to try out the Portuguese language as a Second Language. As I was trying on my own with a Portuguese Dictionary, I had no help and became discouraged and stopped. With this platform, I can resume where I left off.Thanks.

    1. Hi Dorcas. Yes, please do. It will be fun. And learning a second language has more benefits that just learning the language. You won’t regret it!

  51. I want to learn Italian and I want to start fresh this new year with this goal. I’m glad I found your site and this platform seems really great. I like the gaming aspect of it. I have already joined and it’s cool! And I’m even considering checking out some other languages too, since they’re all free.
    Thank you


  52. I use Duolingo to learn Chinese. I use it and two other apps as well! It is a great app, and I highly recommend it to your readers. I have not learned Italian yet, but it is on my list of languages to learn! Thank you for pointing out the fact that Duolingo has Italian among the languages they teach!

    I started using the free version of Duolingo, and I liked it so much that I now pay a subscription in order to have the Duolingo PLUS account, as they call it. It’s main benefit is being able to continue my lessons on mobile. But that is not necessary. With the free version you can complete any language’s whole course on desktop.

    1. Hi Jessie! Thank you for sharing your good experience with Duolingo. I’ve also been using the Duolingo PLUS version and you’re right: you can have all the courses on your desktop for free but if you also want to practice on your phone, you’ll need Duolingo PLUS.

  53. Hi, Henry!

    I love Duolingo! Although I haven’t used it to learn Italian, I’ve used it to learn French. But definitely it is the same thing. Like you pointed out, the fact it is similar to a game makes it more enjoyable and easy to use. I loved learning new vocabulary and completing tasks. I don’t use it anymore, but I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning a new language.

    1. Hi Enrique.Thanks for sharing your experience using Duolingo. It has a really nice approach to learning languages with it’s game style. Definitely worth trying!

  54. Hello, this is the first time I hear about Duolingo. Since it’s free and I see they have been doing things right since their launch, I’ll give it a try. It’s cool to be able to learn a language and have fun learning it at the same time. It doesn’t sound like my Italian classes back in high-school.

    1. Hi Benny. Yes, with Duolingo you can both learn and have fun! Please try it, you’ll be grateful you did!

  55. Wow, I really like the different methods of learning that are available on this app. It also encourages you to come back on a regular basis.  You earn awards for doing so!  I just downloaded it as I was reading this article and checked it out.  Great way to learn a new language and very interactive.  Thank you very much for providing this information.

  56. This is a nice app. I really like the game style. And I’m surprised it’s free.It’s the first time I read about Duolingo. But this seems to be a very popular platform. I’ll give it a try. I just have to, how could I go pass this opportunity of learning Italian in fun way and to cap it all free?

  57. This is exactly what I was looking for. Well, not the Italian part at this time, but the Spanish. I live in an area where Spanish is spoken almost as much as English and I want to be able to talk with my friends (amigos) in their own language, too! This will certainly help me achieve that. And the fact that it is free to learn—bonus!

    I will be checking up on this more this week!

    Karin 😁

    1. Hola Karin! Que bueno que quieres aprender Español! Duolingo is an excellent platform to get started learning any language. And you’ll enjoy learning Spanish with them. All the best!

  58. Wow, I love Italian language and I’ve been having a hard time learning it. Didn’t know we’re to start until I landed on your website.

    After going through your post, I found that this Duolingo platform will not only help me learning but also encourage me to keep on learning as time goes by (this game-style sounds interesting).

  59. Hey! I wish I discovered this a lot sooner. I clicked on the link and chose Spanish to try it out. The platform is clean, simple and very intuitive. Is there an app for this? Also, is this free? because I was looking for a subscription and couldn’t find any.


    1. Hi Sunny. Yes, it’s an excellent platform. The desktop version is free. You can complete all the courses on any language and they wont charge you a dime. The app version requires a monthly subscription. But it’s super affordable, just in case you have more time to use the app version.

  60. Learning of all sorts is something I find myself naturally inclined to. But learning a new language takes my excitement level to a whole new level. I’ve heard just about a little of Duolingo. I’m literally amazed as to how long they’ve been around. Like you said though, their longevity can only mean that they’re doing something right.

    Now that is the more reason why I think this is an ideal fit for me. From what I’ve gathered so far from this review, Duolingo can also help me learn other foreign languages besides Italian. That is pretty interesting.

    Perhaps, after I get proficient with Italian, I’ll give Norwegian Bokmål a go.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Rhain. Yes, Duolingo has been quite a long time in business and they continue to grow.Good, it would be cool to learn both, Italian andNorwegian Bokmål!

  61. Thank you so much for sharing with us this post. I used Duolingo to learn Spanish first and when I finished all the Spanish tree I decided to learn some Italian. Right now I’m concentrating on learning Japanese.

    I have felt comfortable learning languages with Duolingo. I kinda learn the basics with them and then I’m off on my own watching YouTube videos and reading short stories. But I’m grateful Duolingo helps us with those initial steps.

  62. Duolingo uses gamification strategy to keep you compromised and engaged. I love the way units are configured, as you think there’s nothing much new, but with time and consistency you’ll get surprised as you’ll find yourself understanding and translating some words from your language to the one being learned.

    The app alert system is not pushy. It also has very few publicity and has no limitations of any kind in regards to the access level to it’s learning program. 

    Thanks for a great review, on one of the best apps ever built to learn a second language!

    1. Hi Juan. Yes, they really have things in a nice balance at Duolingo. Not being pushy, being engaging and actually imparting progress without one even realizing it. Yes, a nice platform indeed.

  63. Hi Henry. I liked this platform. It’s the first time I hear about Duolingo but I’ll give it a try. It sounds cool with it’s gamish style and the fact that it’s completely free make it a no-brainer to join.I’ll also share this site with some friends. They’ll be grateful.

  64. I had heard about Duolingo and wanted to research more so this is a timely review for me. There are several options that have a brand that is recognized and this is the one I have heard the most about. Your review has laid out the strengths that the platform offers.

    Having the mobile app option is a compelling selling point for me as I am underway much of the day but have periods when I can tap into the app to learn on the go. The gamification angle is also nice it will help keep me motivated to progress. I did not know that there were so many language options either, so that is a positive for me.

    Lastly, free is the biggest selling point. What is not to like about Duolingo? I will definitely give the platform a try and now am looking forward to the experience after reading this review. Your article was useful, easy to follow, and makes a convincing case for Duolingo. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dave. Yes, as you have expressed it: What is not to like about Duolingo? I think everybody should check it out. Definitely worth a try.

  65. The Italian basics seems harder than the French and Spanish basics. The Italian starts you off with words in sentences that I have never seen before nor practiced. Is there a simpler version of the Italian module?

    1. Hi Dani! You could try another Duolingo platform called TinyCards. It introduces you to the language with basic vocabulary. Just what you need. Click here to check it out.

  66. Thanks a lot for this good review about Duolingo.

    I like to travel. And before arriving a new country, I like to learn some basic words. I heard about Duolingo from a friend, so I decided to download the application. But I discovered reading your post that I can do the lessons online too.

    It is the best application I have found so far. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi! It’s an option to do the lessons online without downloading the app. And sure you can share.Have a nice day.

  67. Hi Henry,

    I totally agree that Duolingo is a fantastic way of learning a language. I am a Brit living in France and it has proven invaluable in learning to speak French. Trying to keep your daily practice up is actually pretty addictive, which is a great way to stay motivated. 

  68. Wow 😍! When I found Duolingo, I was grateful! I recommend this for tourists. I’ve been using it for sometime now, Duolingo. It’s a great example of a straightforward language app. It’s really simple to use. You set up a profile, choose your target language, set your weekly goals (only if you’re brave enough) and off you go! Thanks for reviewing!

    1. Hi! Thank you for your nice comment regarding Duolingo. There are many happy users and I’m glad to hear the platform suits you too!

  69. Hello, Henry. Wow! I’ve been thinking about either starting a new language website, or incorporating a language course into my Bible basics website. DUOLINGO sounds like it might be a good and interesting place to be.  

    Thanks for your comprehensive explanation of the program, and for providing helpful links for navigating throughout your post.  

    I find it almost incredible that it is free, especially since most websites are designed for the purpose of making extra money or making a living.  I’m sure I will discover how that can happen as I check further into it.  

    In any case, you have made me aware of what I perceive as the path I want to go down, and I am very grateful.  Great job!

    1. Hi Earl. Yes, it’s hard to believe a platform like this is free, but they have designed a model in which (because of their huge number of members) they place only a few adds when you’re on the dashboard (never inside a lesson) and reap profit from that. The ads don’t ruin your user experience. You can check it out and see by yourself by joining Duolingo. You can complete any language’s full course, completely free.Any person that wants to support Duolingo and remove the ads (and enjoy some other additional benefits) can use the paid version called Duolingo Plus.

  70. I speak three languages fluently, English, Japanese, and my native language is the Filipino.

    I also speak a little bit of Spanish because the Spaniards colonized the Philippines in the 16th century, so there is still a mixture of Spanish language and culture here in the Philippines.

    I speak Japanese because I moved to Japan 25 years ago and still live in Japan.

    I have been yearning to learn Italian ever since I was a teenager. So, this cool platform excites me!

    Thank you for sharing this post,


    1. Hi Lynn! Hearing you’re excited about learning Italian excites me too. Yes, Duolingo is a nice way to get started. All the best.

  71. You know when you can’t remember the name of something? Thank you, this was it. Duolingo. I knew I had heard it before and it was being elusive until today. In the past, I have tried a couple of different online language programs and they just haven’t worked out. That might just be down to me, I guess.

    I heard of Duolingo a few years ago and thought, at some stage I would give it a go, then I forgot about it. Now I have no more excuses. I have wanted to learn a second language for a long time. We used to learn French at school but I was never a good student in general, so a language was a step to far for my limited attention span.

    I did try and learn Japanese, as I was into Martial Arts, but lost interest and gave up. Maybe now is the time to rekindle my French. There must be some of it left in my head, somewhere. Definitely worth a go, it’s free after all.

    1. Hi! Yes, this is a good opportunity to rekindle your French and also have fun as you do. Once you start, it will just feel cool to practice every day. All the best using Duolingo.

  72. I actually signed up to do Duolingo and I love it. I am learning new words every day. You don’t really realize how much you are learning until it comes up naturally. I like the stats and the stories in particular.

    I opted to go premium for the year which gives quite a few benefits but I think the main thing it does is show commitment to the process. I really like it. 

    I did try and learn two languages at the same time but that proved too much so I am sticking to Spanish. Thanks for highlighting. It reminded me why I joined.

    1. Hi Phil.I’m glad to hear you’ve signed up and that you’ve already begun to see progress. It’s exciting when we naturally discover our progress.I believe you’ve taken a good decision when sticking to Spanish. Concentrating on one goal at a time increases your possibilities for success.

  73. This post augmented my desire to learn French. Actually, a friend of mine recommended to download the app. I was hesitant at first because there are apps today that are full of ads. I just study with the good old fashioned CD (given by another friend). Your article encouraged me to try Duolingo and as I write this comment, it’s downloading in my phone. 

  74. Duolingo is awesome!! My friend is using it to learn how to speak Spanish and she’s seriously becoming good at it! Like she’s not even taking classes and has never taken classes before but yet she’s actually learning it and it’s shocking. I speak Spanish so I know when she’s right or wrong and I can tell you… it’s amazing

    1. Hi, I am glad that she has improved a lot with Duolingo. You should also give Duolingo a try yourself. What do you think?

  75. I used Duolingo on my iPhone for about a year learning Brazilian Portuguese. I found it great fun to use and learned a large number of words quickly. It was so convenient to be able to use the app whenever I felt like it. Duolingo recommended starting with just 10 minutes a day but I soon found myself investing much more time in my learning; I found it addictive.

    1. Hi, yes, Duolingo is a great place to get started learning a language. It’s so easy to get attached to the app.

  76. I have been using this app for as long as I can remember. So far, I have gave German and Italian a try and even though I don’t have it completely figured out, I still can communicate with others in a simple text-wise way. I have found that German is quite easier than other languages I’ve seen and I’m proud of myself for giving this app a try and actually learning something. It is not a complete course but it is indeed a good starter.

    1. Hi Stephanie, yeah, I’m happy you have given Duolingo a try and have seen results. Keep going! 🙂

  77. Well, I have used Duolingo in the past for both Spanish and French. I must say that it is relatively easy for me to pick on the diction of a new language and (mostly) thrive with it. I think it is always just so amazing to experiment with different cultures and get a feel for where you fit in with them.

    As a matter of fact, reading your post has reminded me that I have to get back to practicing Duolingo on a weekly, if not daily, basis. I am definitely making a mental note. I am cognizant of the fact that the time is now to stay sharp and abreast.

    1. Experimenting with different cultures through their language is a unique experience on its own. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  78. I have tried Duolingo in the past and found it user-friendly and fun. It is a fun way to learn a new language through levels and games. I’m glad I came across your description of the website as it has added to my previous knowledge and experience with the website. Learning a new language can be great for mental health and I recommend reading this post before you join Duolingo. Cheers. Martin  

    1. Hey Martin, thanks for stopping by. I am glad to hear you’ve used Duolingo and found it useful.

  79. I am learning Spanish on Duolingo and  I definitely think that it is the best language learning app that I have used. It makes learning the language fun, and the best part is that it is totally free. With the free version, you can learn the entire language. If you run out of hearts, just go back and do some practice, which only helps you learn more. It’s awesome!

    1. Yes, you’re right. You get the whole language course for any course without paying a dime. Pretty impressive.

  80. I have a website that helps students learn French. We seem to have a lot in common between our sites. I am glad I found yours. It serves as inspiration!

  81. Duolingo is a fantastic language-learning platform. I’ve been using it for a few months to learn Spanish, and I’ve found it to be incredibly effective. The gamified approach to language learning is what drew me to Duolingo in the first place, and it’s what has kept me engaged and motivated. The bite-sized lessons are perfect for my busy schedule, and I love that I can practice my Spanish skills anytime, anywhere. One thing that I’ve noticed, however, is that Duolingo’s emphasis on rote memorization can be a bit limiting when it comes to speaking and listening skills. While I’ve experienced progress in reading and writing Spanish, I still struggle with understanding native speakers and speaking Spanish myself.

    1. Yes, Duolingo is excellent for the first steps of learning a language. However, it will only take you to an intermediate level. You can check out these other platforms that offer classes with native speakers (italki) and can help you more with speaking and understanding the language in everyday life (Italianpod101 and Babbel).

  82. Duolingo has been around for a long time! But I recently checked it and could not recognize it. It has changed for the better. It has a bunch of animated characters and a lot of different activities. I like it more now than ten years ago when I first tried it.

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