Good! You have decided to learn Italian! Learning a new language is a very interesting journey. Some people are just interested in the final destination. But the truth is that when you are learning a language, the journey never ends. And that is awesome! You will be setting goals by the way, but there is no finish line. Thus, the important thing is that you progressively accomplish smaller goals. You may even set time limits for them. But as you do, you still enjoy a very pleasant experience as the language consolidates in your head… (and it may be worth adding) and in your heart.


Attitude is very important when learning a new language. You may have your mind fixed on an initial goal. For some, it’s passing a certain exam. For others, it’s becoming fluent to work in a certain place. But focusing only on what you want can take you away from the excitement of the process. Or even worse, you look at the process as an enormous sacrifice required to accomplish your goal. Therefore, viewing it this way will make it even harder to archive your initial goal. So, that’s why we say, attitude is crucial.

So, just relax. You can start enjoying yourself from day 1 of learning the language. It will help enormously to assimilate the language if in the process you don’t seem to be trying hard. Just like a baby starts learning his native tongue. I have never seen a 5-year-old child say “Wow, I’m really tired. Learning English is difficult.” A 5-year-old child will learn the language without even considering it an effort.

We’re about to start this journey


Are you ready? No complaining? We are going to start this journey. And there is nothing worse during a journey than a grumbling person sitting just beside you. Look out the window, enjoy the view. Chat a little with the person you have beside you. Or else, just stay home.

Having made up your mind, here we go!

To go on this journey as smoothly as possible, your “environment” is the keyword. The 5-year-old child has an environment all around him. But with you, things around you will help you or even motivate you to learn your new language. However, relax again, don’t worry! We’ll look after it now.

It is our goal to fill this site with interesting things for learning Italian. Things you would enjoy looking up. Thus, the process of learning has to be smooth. First, you start with very easy subjects. And then you move up slowly and steadily. Accordingly, the content must capture your attention along all the way.


There are some interesting things that you can look up to start learning Italian. There are plenty of resources available. They will benefit you if you incorporate them into your daily life. We must warn you, making Italian part of your routine is easier said than done.

So, please head over to this post to read about a way you can create this “environment” around you. Wouldn’t you like to effortlessly have the Italian language in your daily life? Learning a language doesn’t have to be a burden? It can be a fun experience. Raising sails! Our journey has just begun. Click here.