Lost Duolingo Streak?

Lost Duolingo Streak – Have you really lost it?

Lost Duolingo Streak? Has your Duolingo Streak disappeared? Arggg, that hurts! Building a Duolingo streak takes time. And there are occasions when we suddenly find ourselves extra busy. As a result, we skip a day or two from completing our Duolingo daily goals.

Have you had the following experience? You log into Duolingo and realize with dismay that your streak number has dropped to zero.

Shocked young man lost Duolingo Streak

But you may not have lost your streak yet. Yeah, even though it seems you lost it, you still have hope. There is the possibility you may have it back. And the good news is that you could have it back without it costing you a dime.


If you have just lost your Duolingo Streak yesterday or today, then continue reading.

Let us introduce you to our Super Hero in this post. His name is Streak Saver. He has been finding ways to help people maintain and restore their streaks. So you are in good hands. He wants to share his discoveries with you.

Recovering Duolingo Streak

Yes, if you have some 3D glasses, you can fetch them and check out Streak Saver’s logo. It’s a cool 3D logo.

Ok, ok… I get it, you have just lost a streak that has taken you a long time to build, so you’re not in the mood for 3D pictures. Let’s dive right into what you came for in the first place.

Lost Duolingo Streak – Here are two ways to avoid that from happening!

One of them is a preventive measure. And the other is a corrective measure.

We will start by explaining the preventive measure. Go to the Duolingo Shop and purchase a Streak Freeze. You can actually buy two. Each Streak Freeze costs ten Lingots (the coin you receive inside Duolingo for completing your daily goals).

Purchasing a Streak Freeze

Being equipped with two Streak Freeze means you will retain your Duolingo Streak even after two consecutive days of inactivity.

Streak Freeze equipped

However, if you have already lost your streak, this measure will not work. As we mentioned above, this is to avoid losing it in the future.

The corrective measure is becoming a Duolingo Plus member. You must join Duolingo Plus less than 48 hours after you lost your streak.

Duolingo Plus member:

Did you know that every Duolingo Plus member has a streak saver a month? And this streak saver comes as an addition to the Streak Freeze you buy at the Duolingo Shop.

Duolingo Plus 48-hour streak saver

It even works for those that were not Plus members when they lost the streak. The only requisite is joining Duolingo Plus less than 48 hours after they lost it.

How many days could you keep your streak if you’re equipped with two Streak Freeze and are a Duolingo Plus member?

You can go by without opening Duolingo for three days if you’re equipped with two Streak Freeze and are a Duolingo Plus member.

Check the picture below. The blue circles indicate the days that the Streak was frozen.

Duolingo Streak was frozen for 3 days

Two examples in which you can have your streak back.

To explain how you can recover your streak, we have decided to use these two examples. Let’s hope that you’re in one of them.

Here is the first example:

Let’s imagine you have had a busy week. You met your Duolingo goal daily but could not log in yesterday.

Today, you log in, and your streak number has gone to zero. You hadn’t purchased a Streak Freeze from the Duolingo Shop. And please don’t buy it now because it won’t bring your streak back. It will only help you keep your future streaks.

Again, we remind you that you should buy a Streak Freeze before losing your streak. But after you have lost it, purchasing one won’t bring it back. Some Duolingo users have gone with excitement to the Duolingo Shop and bought a Streak Freeze, only to discover that their streak continues to be at zero.

So, this may be a bit disappointing. What can you do? Don’t worry, there is still a way to save your streak. Yeah!

You can become a Duolingo Plus member, and your streak will be back. It’s important to mention again that you must become a Duolingo Plus member less than 48 hours after you lost your streak. If you wait for more than 48 hours after you lost the steak, you will not be able to recover it.

Here is our second example:

You’re a very organized person and had seen beforehand that these days were coming. As a result, you got equipped with two “Streak Freeze” at Duolingo Shop.

So one day, you could not log into Duolingo and missed that day! But you’re relaxed that you had bought ahead of time a Streak Freeze. But then you weren’t able again to log into Duolingo the second day either. So, it is good you had equipped yourself with that second Duolingo Freeze. But a third day goes by, and you still do not log in. Finally, you rush into your Duolingo account on the fourth day and are welcomed by a zero in your streak!

Don’t worry! All you need is to become a Duolingo Plus member on that fourth day (again, it must be less than 48 hours after you lost the streak), and your streak will be back.

You may be saying at this point: “But you promised that restoring my streak wouldn’t cost me a dime! And since Duolingo Plus is the paid version of Duolingo, it will cost me some money after all!” And the answer is: you can still recover your streak completely free.

There are two ways you can become a Duolingo Plus member for free:

1.) The most obvious way of becoming a Duolingo Plus member is being willing to pay the fee. But if you have never been a Duolingo Plus member, you can test drive it for free. It’s a no-brainer. You have nothing to lose and a streak to win.


2.) The second way you can become a Duolingo Plus member is by inviting a friend to join Duolingo. You can do this by giving them your “affiliate link.”

Your friend can then join through your “affiliate link.” When this happens, Duolingo grants you the Plus membership for one (1) week.

You enjoy all the benefits of being a Plus member. And among these benefits comes saving your streak! And it doesn’t cost you a dime!

How do you find your Duolingo affiliate link?

Hover over your profile icon, and a window will appear. In that window, click “Free Plus.”


A new window will appear with your “affiliate link.”


The day you need to restore your streak, contact a friend. Tell them you have a cool language platform they can join completely free. And send them your “affiliate link.” Easy, isn’t it?

Try it! It works! Many have been lamenting that their streak is gone forever. But after checking this out, they then celebrate seeing their streak back!

Duolingo Streak Saver brings Duolingo Streak back

Did you try it? Are you in the mood now to see Streak Saver’s 3D logo? Then get your 3D glasses. 🙂

Duolingo Streak Saver with 3D glasses

Once you have your Streak back

Here are a couple of suggestions:

Instagram ItalianLg

First of all, equip yourself with two Streak Freeze ahead of time. 😉

Learn Italian with a podcast-style course

And do not limit yourself to learning a language only with Duolingo. Duolingo can only take you so far. This suggestion should not be surprising to you. Because the very founder and CEO of Duolingo, Luis von Ahn, promises this concerning his platform. We quote him referring to the realistic results you should expect. “Get users to a level between advanced beginner and early intermediate.” So, please use this occasion you temporarily lost your streak to your advantage. Start to explore other paths that can take you beyond the early intermediate level. Click here (or on Streak Saver’s invitation below) to check out alternatives.

Duolingo Streak Saver invitation

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  1. Hi! I’m depicted in the second example. I’m always careful of going to the Duolingo Shop and purchasing ahead of time my “Streak Freeze”. But I could not log in during the weekend and my streak had gone back to zero.

    I’m glad I found your post. And did as you suggested. I must admit I was a bit skeptical. But then, voila… My streak’s back! In gratitude I thought I would come back and tell you! Thanks, it worked for me too!

    1. Hi! I’m glad you were able to have your streak back. I wish you the best as you continue learning with Duolingo.

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing this works. 

    1. Hi!

      If you lost your streak on Saturday May 23rd, then you could go by with not using Duolingo on Sunday May 24th (if you had the Streak Freezer activated). Then you could go by with not using Duolingo on Monday May 25th (if you are a Duolingo Plus member). So, on Tuesday May 26th, it’s a must to log in to Duolingo in order to retain your streak.

      I hope you’ve been able to get your streak back.

  2. I started using Duolingo and was excited about my streak. But I just got busy for about a week. And now that I’m back, my streak has obviously gone to zero.

    I thought I could find a way to restore my streak but I see that in my case (about a week of inactivity) there is no hope.

    The first thing I’ll do now is go to the Duolingo’s Shop and buy my streak freezer to be prepared.

    1. Hi Donny,

      I sorry to hear you lost your streak. But it’s good to know that from here on you’ll be prepared.

  3. I honestly didn’t know about Duolingo so I haven’t used it. I wanted to find cool ways to start learning Italian and I found your post. After reading this, we now have a fairly good idea of what Duolingo is and what are the preventive and curative measures one can employ to maintain a Duolingo streak. We believe that the best one will be preventive measures. It is also great that you explained how one can earn Duolingo Plus membership by sharing our affiliate link.

    Thank you for sharing all this information and your insights.

    1. Hi,

      I’m glad you discovered Duolingo. Yes, please give it a try. It’s helpful for those that are just beginning to learn a language.

  4. Hi there, 

    I knew you could maintain your streak, as long as you had purchased the streaker freeze before the time. But I feel it’s super cool you can still get it back (even thought you hadn’t bought the streak freezer) by taking out Plus membership of Duolingo.

    So, I feel relieved now that I will be able to get my streak back. Thank you!

    1. Hi,

      I’m so happy to hear you’ll be able to get your streak back. Thanks for stopping by and continue enjoying your journey learning Italian.

  5. I’m glad I’ve come across your article because I have always been interested in languages and although I had been hearing a lot about this learning platform, I had never given it a try. They seem to be using highly motivational methods. I didn’t understand the streak concept at first, but then I check your other posts and it’s clearer to me – it is about your keeping learning consistency if I got it right. I really like this concept and I may consider joining Duolingo for my next language learning adventure. Thanks a lot for all this useful information!

    1. Hi Lucie,

      you’re most welcome. Yes, Duolingo is a popular platform and it’s worth trying. All the best with your next language learning adventure.

  6. I was excited that I had the longest Duolingo streak among my friends. But as you described here, I open today my account and was welcomed with that terrible zero.

    So with not much hope, I came online trying to find how to recover my Duolingo streak.

    And I’m glad I found your article. I really liked your website as a whole too! Cool cartoons!

    But my goal was to restore my streak on Duolingo. I followed your suggestion… and ta da… My streak is back! Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Mathew, I’m so glad your were able to restore your streak on Duolingo! Also follow my suggestions to get prepared for when you have to skip a day or two. All the best!

  7. Hi! Thanks for this,
    Just a question though… What if I already have Duolingo Plus? :/
    I’m super upset, I’ve just lost a 370+ days streak over lost internet 😢

    1. Hi Julia.

      I have been there. Losing our Duolingo Streak hurts. Ironically, when I lost mine, I couldn’t restore it. But it encouraged me to write this post to help as many people as I could to recover their streak. However, I’m also aware there are cases in which we can’t have our streak back.

      I always like to view the positive side of things. Duolingo is excellent to help us get started in a language. But via comparison, it would be like being in kindergarten.

      Based on what you have told us (370+ days daily logging into Duolingo), I must commend you! And I am also sure that you’re now in a stage where you’re capable of much bigger things. Such as consuming other types of content in the language you’re learning.

      The Duolingo streak was encouraging, but its reason was to help you build a habit. But without a doubt, you have already formed that habit. So, please view this unpleasant event of losing your streak in a positive light. View it as a call to explore material that is at a higher level of difficulty. Interpret it as a call to come out of your comfort zone. Now that daily practice is one of your traits, don’t let it go!

      Julia, I wish you all the best!

  8. I’ve been enjoying using Duolingo over the years. There were times my streak reached over the 100s. But as you have explained in this post, some event in life creeps in, and we go back to zero. Thank you for your tips on how to recover our streak. I won’t get caught out again.

    1. Yes, it happens. Events arise and take us away a couple of days from our learning process. I am glad this post will help you prepare for those occasions.

  9. A streak seemed a simple and unexciting concept when I started using Duolingo. But I am surprised how attached I became to maintaining it. The concept works.

    Thank you for bringing hope back. I think I will have it back because I just lost it today.

    Thank you for your content. All the best!

    1. Yes, Duolingo Streaks do the work. I am so glad to see you will be able to have it back. All the best in your learning process too.

  10. Hello,

    Thank you for the thorough explanation of how to get Duolingo streaks back. It is a disaster to see there are no streaks after your strenuous efforts to build them. The options you describe are great. Perhaps with devoted work, it won’t come to the streak loss. But as you say, even a well-organized person can miss a day or two. Thank you for your post. I wanted to share my gratitude because I am impressed with the thorough content. I will keep it handy for when I need to recover my streak.

  11. Wow, what a good post. Duolingo streak back! Thanks for explaining all this! Sometimes everyday activities get in the way, and I can not complete my Duolingo task. But inviting a friend to restore our streak is simple. Great solution.
    When I performed this search, I had low expectations. But this post has surprised me.

  12. Thank you for this ray of hope. I was upset a couple of hours ago when I logged into my Duolingo account and saw my streak drop to zero. But what you have explained here makes sense, and I feel I may be able to have my streak back. Thank you!

  13. At first, I didn’t understand how to get my streak back. And it upset me more than I already was. But after rereading, I followed the steps, and it worked for me. Thank you very much. However, your superhero was not my favorite, LOL. I’m just kidding! Streak Savior was helpful indeed.

    1. I am glad it worked for you! Please tell me what part of the article you found confusing so we may work on it to make it easier to understand.

  14. Hey mate! As a Turkish language teacher, I hated Duolingo for a long time (the program for Turkish was useless the last time I looked at it). But about a month or two ago, I installed it to start learning the Greek language. I lasted for about two weeks, and it’s impressive how it managed to get even me to try to work for at least 5-10 minutes every day to maintain the streak. And then I lost it. I started all over and lost it again. Then I just gave up.

    It’s nice to know now that there are some options like this. I didn’t believe it could ever become important to me but never say never. Thank you. I’ll bookmark this post and get back to Greek right away.

    1. Hello!

      I am glad you found Duolingo helpful for learning Greek. And that you found this article helpful for recovering your streak.

  15. I’ve been using Duolingo for quite some time now, and this has happened to me more often than I can count! I was so angry at myself, haha.

    So, I stopped using Duolingo. But now that I know how to recover my streak, I will give Duolingo another chance. Thank you!

  16. I didn’t do anything to lose my streak. I was on 316 days yesterday. And today, I was told I was at zero!
    I don’t fit the examples above. I am a Duolingo Plus member. Is there any way to contact Duolingo? It is a bug in the system!

  17. I was wondering if I could learn French with Duolingo or if it is only for Italian. And I was impressed with all the languages available. So, I got started and kept a streak for a few days. But because this is a new habit, I lost my streak. I am glad to read that Duolingo Plus members have a streak saver a month.

    1. Hi! I am glad you got started with Duolingo. I hope you continue learning and having fun with your target language.

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