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Best cities to learn Italian

Are you wondering which are the best cities to learn Italian? This post is for you! We will suggest a few options and give insights into the cities.

Italy may be the obvious choice for many. But to be fair, Italian is widely spoken in some parts of Switzerland (the Ticino region) and somewhat in Malta. Going to any of their cities will give you first-hand experiences with locals speaking Italian.

However, the cities we will suggest in this post are Italian cities. We think they will help you learn the language better.

We may start by addressing a negative comment you may have heard about Milan. People usually say it is cold and grey. And we admit it has fewer tourist attractions and more skyscrapers. And being a northern city means you should expect cold winters and less daylight.

It is an industrial city and one of the biggest metropolis in Italy. It is well-connected with all of Italy and abroad. Also, being a metropolitan area means prices are higher than in other parts of Italy. If you come from an urban area, Milan may make you feel more at home than you thought. 

When it comes to learning Italian, the accent is easy to understand. The accent in Milan is probably the most neutral in Italy. And the cherry on top is that there are many academic options for learning the language.


The city of Bologna is an excellent choice for those who want to take their Italian skills to an advanced level. Bologna is the top city for Italians to go to University. Thus, this area is overwhelmed with young Italians.

If you decide to study in this town, blend with the locals. You will be fluent in no time! It is a good strategy.

There are many good universities in this area. And you will also find good language-learning courses. Prices around the academic centers are high but become acceptable the farther you get.

Bologna is also in a privileged location in Italy. It is easy to connect with the rest of the country.


Do you not like big cities? Then Pisa is the place for you. Apart from the tower of Pisa, it is a quiet place. You can imagine how many tourists go by that spot daily. But the activity is concentrated there. It doesn’t affect the rest of the city.

Pisa is a beautiful city in Tuscany, very close to Florence. It has a lot of cultural influence from the Italian Renaissance. Thus, its streets recall the splendor of those old days.

Concerning accents, people from Tuscany have a very distinct one. They have a way of speaking that makes them stand out. So, check their accent first. It may be a bit tricky to start learning Italian there.

Wrapping Up!

You can not go wrong with any of these choices. It all boils down to your personal preferences! We also join you in your excitement as you research before your trip to Italy! And we wish you all the best!

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