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Best Wedding Venues in Italy

In Italy, vineyards flourish, and the sun casts its warm glow upon the rolling hills. Thus, it is not surprising to find a booming industry, a celebration of love and commitment. They call it Wedding Venues, an affair where one pledges their heart to another, surrounded by the picturesque landscapes of a foreign land.

The sparkling lights of the Italian cities behold an irresistible attraction. And it has lured many celebrities (Tom Cruise, George Clooney, and even Kim Kardashian). Yet, the allure of Italy’s charms is not only reserved for the rich and famous.

According to a recent report from Italy’s Tourism Studies Centre (CST), Wedding Venues in Italy have become a business worth €599 million a year. Over 11,000 couples from abroad made their way to the bel paese, eager to exchange vows and start their lives together. The majority hailed from within the European Union, yet the single most represented country was the United States, with just over 29 percent of newlyweds belonging to its shores.

Wedding man and woman cartoon

The hill country of Tuscany, with its cypress trees and charming farmhouses, was the most sought-after region for foreign weddings. The percentage of overseas couples that chose Tuscany for their big day was 21, followed closely by Lombardy, Campania, Puglia, Sicily, and Lazio.

Why, one may ask, are these regions so appealing as Wedding Venues? Perhaps it is the warmth of the Italian sun, the scent of blooming flowers in the air, or the laughter of the locals. Or maybe, it is the magic of Italy itself, the allure of a foreign land, that entices the hearts of those who dare to leap. Regardless, it is a place where dreams come true, where love wins, and memories are made that will last a lifetime.


In the heart of the Italian peninsula lies Lazio, the region that encompasses the eternal city of Rome. Rome has a captivating charm. It draws in foreign couples to exchange their vows amidst its timeless beauty. Here, the grandeur of the past converges with the vibrant pulse of modern life, making the city a unique and unforgettable wedding destination.

But Lazio offers more than just the allure of Rome. Its lush countryside, dotted with historic villas and grand manor houses, paints a picture of timeless elegance. Those seeking a summer wedding will enjoy any of Lazio’s three major lakes (Bracciano, Vico, and Bolsena). Their tranquil waters reflect the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


The Island of Romance and shimmering seascapes. In Sicily lies a world of enchantment. A place where every corner holds a new story and every moment bear the promise of romance. In this island paradise, foreign couples flock to exchange their vows in front of breathtaking backdrops.

In Taormina, Syracuse, and Noto, ancient architecture rises against the sky, framing the ceremony in splendor and grace. And in the lesser-known locales of the mainland, villas, and castles wait to host their fairytale weddings, like the Romeo Castle, cradled in the embrace of Mount Etna.


A Land of Romance by the Sea. Puglia enchants with its Baroque cities and pristine beaches in the sun-drenched south of Italy. It’s where the romance of the sea meets the charm of history. From Bari to Gallipoli to Otranto, the coastal towns and villages of Puglia offer an endless array of wedding destinations, each with its own story.

In the rural heart of Puglia, masserie (fortified farmhouses) dot the landscape, beckoning the adventurous bride and groom with their rustic beauty. And in the Murge area, amidst the rolling hills, the traditional trulli – stone huts with conical roofs – hold court as exclusive wedding venues, inviting couples to exchange vows in a place of timeless charm.


Campania, renowned for the allure of its coastline, boasts the Amalfi Coast, a string of terraced villages nestled between rugged cliffs and sublime beaches. Amalfi, a precious jewel in this scenic treasure trove, is just one of the many delights Campania has to offer. Capri, Ischia, and Procida, the magnificent islands, provide perfect settings for wedding ceremonies. Meanwhile, Sorrento and Pozzuoli, two vibrant seaside towns, are overwhelmed with splendid architecture and landscapes.


In the north, Lombardy, home to Milan, the country’s economic nerve center, might not match the allure of Rome. But its lakeside resorts, especially Lake Como, are internationally renowned wedding destinations. Verdant vegetation, serene ambiance, and pristine water of Lakes Garda, Maggiore, and Como offer an enchanting backdrop for couples to tie the knot.


Lastly, Tuscany, a region steeped in art and natural wonders, offers everything to create an unforgettable wedding experience. The breathtaking art cities of Florence, Pisa, Siena, Lucca, and Arezzo, with their imposing cathedrals, lend an air of majesty and romance to the nuptials. But the rolling hills and Tyrrhenian coastline are equally captivating venues for wedding parties and retreats. And let’s not forget the renowned Tuscan cuisine, which adds a flavorful touch to the celebrations.

Best Wedding Venues in Italy organized by categories

Italy is a place of boundless opportunity. It is a land where one can find the most splendid choices to suit any taste. Whether one seeks the grace of elegance, the passion of romance, the intimate warmth of family, or the grandeur of a celebration, Italy holds the answer. Among the many regions mentioned above, each of them popular wedding destinations, one can discover an array of hotels and resorts to explore. Yet to spare you the trouble, we offer a selection of options.

Are you seeking an intimate wedding? Italy’s exquisite boutique hotels nestled in medieval towns or lovely farmhouses set amid peaceful countryside offer ideal venues. Those dreaming of historical sites will find no shortage of choice: centuries-old churches, finely restored castles, and villas of exquisite decoration encircled by verdant gardens.

Our list of the top venues for destination weddings in Italy is a collection of the best inspirations to guide you on your way. For those who seek a place of perfection to bring their dreams to life, these luxury wedding venues stand among the finest that Italy has to offer.

Best Wedding Venues in Italy with Water Views

Abbazia La Cervara, Portofino

Behold the splendor of Abbazia La Cervara, a restored abbey that stands as a testament to elegance in the town of Portofino, nestled along the Italian Riviera. Perched upon a sheer cliff, it boasts a breathtaking Renaissance Italian-style garden. The flower beds cascade down two levels, bound by vibrant wisteria pergolas, Gardenia flower terraces, and verdant citrus groves.

For those in love with history, fine art, and unforgettably stunning views, Abbazia La Cervara is the ideal location for a refined, elegant wedding celebration. With 11 opulent suites, you and your nearest and dearest can relish a top-tier stay at La Cervara. Furthermore, those seeking a grand affair can comfortably accommodate up to 250 guests in the sumptuous hall.

Abbazia La Cervara reigns supreme as the most exquisite seaside venue in Italy!

Villa Il Balbiano, Lake Como

Behold the legendary Villa Il Balbiano, standing proudly on the western shores of Lake Como as one of the most iconic historical villas of all. Its interiors are lavish and elegant. They bring together the finest antiques and contemporary designs with fine art. It is a pinnacle choice for couples searching for an exclusive venue with character. The Baroque frescoes, extravagant marble floors, and extensive gardens replete with two swimming pools and direct access to the lake are just some of the breathtaking elements that will leave you amazed. Furthermore, the Villa can accommodate up to 60 guests for a sit-down dinner.

The Villa’s grand entrance halls and reception area are resplendent with antiques, paintings, silks, and exotic velvets. Its six sumptuous bedrooms offer exquisite views of the lake, while additional rooms are available in the annex. The Villa can accommodate up to 30 guests in total. So, this is a site for those seeking exclusivity and refinement.

Discover the secluded villa that beckons you with a breathtaking entrance and unparalleled views, granting a panoramic perspective unlike any other. The large garden spans three separate sections for each moment of your wedding day: the villa’s front lawn, back yard, and poolside flower bed, which faces the tranquil lake and accommodates grand groups beneath a marquee of your choosing.

Villa Sola Cabiati, Lake Como

Indulge in the aristocratic splendor of Villa Sola Cabiati, esteemed as one of the most magnificent estates that Lake Como has to offer. As you and your family reside in this prestigious villa, you’ll be transported back in history, basking in the luxuries befitting a Duke and Duchess.

Here, the impossible becomes possible, and fairytale weddings come to life as you arrive by boat to the private dock amidst hand-painted fresco halls or beneath a starlit sky. The villa itself is an artistic masterpiece. Skilled artisans embellished the balconies, halls, and rooms with intricate baroque stuccoes and frescoes, providing an exquisite backdrop for capturing the most amazing wedding pictures.

Villa Sola Cabiati is an oasis of peaceful beauty and a work of art in its own right – a place that every bride rightfully deserves!

Villa Pizzo, Lake Como

Set amidst the beautiful shores of Lake Como, Villa Pizzo is a charming privately owned estate that offers the perfect setting for an exclusive and unforgettable event. Its extensive gardens, adorned with flowers and beautiful frescoed interior halls, make it one of the most remarkable lakeside venues.

With its enchanting corners, tree-lined paths, exuberant vegetation, and fountains, Villa Pizzo is a refined location that lends itself to a dream wedding – a truly magical place. The terrace overlooking the old boathouse provides a matchless setting for the most romantic ceremony. And the carefully well-kept Italian gardens will enchant you and your guests with their incomparable views. Every corner of Villa Pizzo is a delightful surprise that will leave a lasting impression on all who attend.

Villa Pliniana, Lake Como

At Villa Pliniana, immerse yourself in the splendor of a 16th-century palazzo on the dazzling Lake Como. This historical gem, unveiled in 2016, boasts 17 lavish bedrooms (accommodating up to 33 guests). The Villa’s private boat dock and helipad ensure seamless transportation to and from Milan and other major airports. Step inside to discover awe-inspiring mosaics, stuccos, and artwork. The villa’s spacious interiors accommodate sit-down dinners for up to 200 guests. The expansive garden is perfect for larger gatherings, and nearby villas and the Sereno Hotel provide luxurious accommodations for your guests. At Villa Pliniana, revel in the true essence of Italian style with outdoor musical entertainment.

Il Pellicano, Tuscany

Il Pellicano, a luxurious haven, was the preferred getaway of the icons of the golden age of cinema. Today, its timeless glamour evokes the flair of La Dolce Vita. This serene and peaceful location offers magical views along the Argentario coast and sea, surrounded by lush gardens and sophisticated interiors. A wedding at Il Pellicano means a private seafront terrace, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and a unique Health and Beauty center to pamper and restore your energy. The spacious rooms and suites can accommodate up to 100 guests. Located off the beaten path in Italy’s Monte Argentario peninsula, Il Pellicano is ideal for a beach wedding.

Il Riccio Beach Club, Anacapri

On the cliffs of the idyllic island of Capri, the Michelin-starred Il Riccio restaurant and beach club boasts a magnificent vista of the sparkling Mediterranean sea. Its blue decor evokes the serene waters, providing an enchanting backdrop for your gala lunch or dinner on the spacious terrace that can accommodate up to 100 guests. Il Riccio’s top-notch gourmet cuisine, complemented by the relaxed ambiance of the seaside location, captures the essence of the Dolce Vita, making it an ideal venue for an Italian wedding.

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

The enchanting Villa Cimbrone, a prestigious villa hotel in Italy, is a must-visit with its stunning Infinity terrace and breathtaking gardens. The 18th-century villa boasts a Michelin-starred restaurant, 19 delightful rooms, and spectacular areas for weddings, including a panoramic terrace with the best sea views in Italy. Even bad weather cannot spoil the grandeur of events with up to 150 people. Villa Cimbrone offers a variety of spectacular areas to hold the ceremony and reception and to enjoy truly breathtaking views, making it one of Italy’s most sought-after wedding venues.

Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello

Behold the grandeur of Belmond Hotel Caruso! This luxury shelter sitting at the heart of Ravello is one of the most exquisite jewels in the crown of Southern Italy. The sun-kissed splendor of this prestigious five-star hotel is nothing short of awe-inspiring. The gardens, aglow with a panoramic sea view, provide an enchanting backdrop for outdoor weddings and receptions that will leave you breathless. This hotel offers elegant accommodations, with fifty spacious rooms and suites, each exuding its distinct style and most blessed with sea views and terraces, some even with private gardens. Step into Belmond Caruso and surrender to the top-quality service of the Belmond group standard.

Villa Treville, Positano

In the cliffs of Positano lies the boutique hideaway of Villa Treville, a private Eden of meticulous detail and lush gardens. Four villas of discreet elegance overlook the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, boasting an intimate and exclusive guest experience with top-notch facilities and service. The spectacular terraces of Villa Treville, gazing over the Amalfi Coast, offer an ideal venue for a romantic symbolic ceremony. And the beautiful saloon caters to up to 70 guests for an unforgettable wedding reception. With its eclectic interiors and stunning views of the colorful city of Positano, Villa Treville guarantees ultimate comfort for you and your wedding party.

Villa Astor, Sorrento

In Sorrento, the remarkable Villa Astor stands tall atop a cliff overlooking the Bay of Naples. Its botanical terrace and museum-worthy decor make it an enchanting venue for a luxurious destination wedding. The Villa’s elegant living spaces boast antique furniture and breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has indoor seating for 60 and an outdoor capacity of 200 with a marquee, enabling the Villa to accommodate weddings of various sizes. Its four suites and two bedrooms can host up to 12 guests, with extra accommodations in Torre for a maximum capacity of 20 beds.

Masseria San Domenico, Puglia

Amidst the old olive groves on a vast expanse of 150 acres, the luxuriantly furnished, five-star sanctuary of Masseria San Domenico awaits you on the southern Apulian shore. This enchanting and unparalleled location serves as the perfect backdrop for your glamorous wedding, offering a unique opportunity for exclusive let (available on request for a minimum of 2 to 3 nights). Your guests will enjoy the 40 stunning rooms and suites of the Masseria, indulging in invigorating Spa-Thalasso treatments, leisurely rounds of golf at the nearby club, and soaking up the sun in the private beach club of the estate. If an exclusive estate is what you seek, where all your guests can stay together, look no further! Masseria San Domenico stands out as one of the finest locations in Italy.

Tonnara Di Scopello, Sicily

In a cove of unrivaled charm, two medieval watchtowers stand guard over the Tonnara di Scopello, a monumental complex perched above the crystal-clear waters of the Sicilian sea. In the past, fishermen dwelt here. Nowadays, an artfully restored manor house with 14 rooms seamlessly blends old-world charm with contemporary comfort. And by doing so, it has captured the essence of Sicilian culture. The rustic and dramatic setting is perfect for an exclusive event of up to 80 guests. A lot of thought has gone into preserving the natural and historical beauty of the region, offering visitors a glimpse into a bygone era and a taste of old-world romance.

Best Wedding Venues in Italy by the Countryside

Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany

Amidst the picturesque Tuscan countryside lies the captivating Borgo Santo Pietro. It is a five-star boutique hotel nestled in the serene heartland. The medieval town of Siena stands a short distance away. The mystical abbey ruins of San Galgano and the round church of Montesiepi (home to the well-known ‘sword in the stone’) are also nearby, providing a mystical backdrop for ceremonies. The exquisite estate boasts 21 rooms that must be reserved for exclusive use, accommodating wedding parties of up to 100 guests, with intimate and grandiose celebrations both available. Borgo Santo Pietro embodies beauty and elegance in every detail, making it a sought-after location for couples seeking privacy and refinement on their special day.

Borgo Stomennano, Siena

Borgo Stomennano, a charming and well-preserved “borgo” in Tuscany, is located in a serene setting only a short drive from Siena. With a grand villa, cozy Tuscan country houses for your guests, lush gardens, and a stunning pool area, this venue is among the most sought-after and exceptional wedding destinations.

Yet, what sets Borgo Stomennano apart is the Grassi family, who has lived and owned the property for 250 years. Their hospitality and warmth will ensure your wedding celebration is a truly unforgettable experience!

Borgo Finocchieto, Tuscany

As the sun rises over the Tuscan hilltops, the restored medieval village of Borgo Finocchieto gleams like a precious gem, inviting wedding parties to bask in its splendor. With five luxurious houses, this historic property offers the ultimate privacy and comfort for up to 44 guests, a unique blend of old-world charm and modern luxury, and breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. And, with its warm and attentive staff, Borgo Finocchieto promises to be the ideal location for your Tuscan wedding, a place that you will want to return to time and again. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a day trip to nearby Montalcino, a hill town of unsurpassed beauty.

Castello Di Vicarello, Tuscany

Castello di Vicarello, perched on the verdant hills of Val d’Orcia, is a medieval castle lovingly restored to provide nine exquisitely designed suites. With its warm stone walls and gardens, this exclusive location offers the perfect setting for an intimate wedding celebration or a grand affair with a spacious area and large tents for larger groups. In addition to its lush greenery, organic orchards, and vineyard, the inside of the castle’s decoration resembles the exotic island of Bali. Castello di Vicarello is a feast for the senses and an enchanting place to begin your happily ever after.

Castiglion del Bosco, Tuscany

Castiglion del Bosco, an exclusive Italian estate, boasts ancient castle ruins, a medieval church, and a historic village at the heart of the resort. With 70 rooms, including 23 suites and 11 villas, luxurious accommodations will not be a problem for your event. A symbolic ceremony in the verdant garden overlooking the medieval castle, historic church, or suggestive inner hall will be unforgettable. The Borgo’s paved road is perfect for a casual dinner, while the restaurant’s large terrace offers breathtaking views for a memorable dinner. Castiglion del Bosco’s rustic yet refined charm and top-notch service make it the premier estate in Tuscany.

Conti di San Bonifacio, Tuscany

In the heart of the Tuscan countryside lies Conti di San Bonifacio, a true haven for wine enthusiasts seeking intimacy and sophistication. With only seven double rooms, this 5-star gem offers an authentic taste of Tuscan hospitality, from the scenic vineyard views to the flavors that excite your palate. At Conti di San Bonifacio, a serene and casual wedding celebration awaits you amidst the natural beauty of the vineyards and olive groves. Its charm is ideal for smaller ceremonies of up to 80 guests, perfect for those seeking a Tuscan wedding experience.

Il Borro Relais, Tuscany

Il Borro Relais is a luxurious Tuscan hamlet, the prized possession of the Ferragamo family, where large groups can escape to an idyllic world of relaxation. This countryside property combines both tradition and luxury. Available accommodations range from enchanting suites to historical villas, farmhouses, and deluxe villas. With a capacity of up to 149 guests, Il Borro is a place where the Italian Gardens, the Villa terrace, the Borgo, and the square of the Borgo itself is perfect for the most idyllic wedding in one of Tuscany’s most luxurious venues. Il Borro is the answer to all the needs of large groups, providing unique experiences tailored to different needs and expectations.

Belmond Villa San Michele, Florence

Villa San Michele is a haven of enchantment, a Michelangelo-designed monastery turned into an exquisite hotel. The breathtaking views across Florence and the Arno Valley, paired with the stunning terraced gardens and unique event spaces, make it the perfect venue for an Italian wedding. The hotel boasts a historic church, a charming 15th-century room, and a refined restaurant to add to the allure. With 45 luxurious rooms and suites, Villa San Michele can be rented exclusively for a truly unforgettable experience. And Belmond’s impeccable service is always guaranteed for those seeking the best for their special day.

Villa Cetinale, Tuscany

In the vicinity of Siena, the historic and celebrated Tuscan town lies the magnificent Villa Cetinale – often proclaimed as the most beautiful private villa of Tuscany. Its architecture, Baroque art, and impeccable gardens set an almost “solemn” ambiance that makes one feel like royalty. With 12 luxurious rooms, modern amenities, and exceptional service provided by the full-time staff, guests receive a regal experience. The stunning garden and villa chapel offers a beautiful backdrop for an intimate and unforgettable wedding. It is a property that enraptures art, history, and beauty.

La Foce, Tuscany

La Foce, a beautifully restored 15th-century villa, is nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany, providing effortless access to the Renaissance and medieval treasures of Siena, Perugia, and Assisi. The grand gardens of the Villa embody the ideal location for symbolic ceremonies, where guests can bask in the beauty of the Italian countryside. A romantic dinner for up to 140 people can be held al fresco under the grand linden tree in the courtyard. The property can accommodate up to 24 guests in the Villa and 24 more within the estate. With its vast gardens, grand travertine staircase, and spacious interiors, La Foce is ideal for an unforgettable Italian wedding.

Villa Le Fontanelle, Florence

Villa Le Fontanelle is a true gem. It has six luxurious suites. The villa boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the city and offers unparalleled services that exceed the standard of a luxury hotel. Its romantic and intimate garden, two panoramic terraces, and elegant indoor hall provide the perfect setting for an exclusive wedding with up to 80 guests. It’s no surprise that this cozy property is a highly coveted destination for intimate weddings in Florence.

Villa Di Lilliano, Florence

Nestled in the idyllic Tuscan countryside, the majestic Villa di Lilliano offers a stunning backdrop for exclusive weddings. An 11th-century Medicean Villa with its chapel, courtyards, and the terraced park is all part of the property. With a range of options available, from multiple-day celebrations in the five suites and five independent villas to intimate affairs, Villa di Lilliano can accommodate up to 150 guests. The villa’s unmatched beauty and exceptional service make it the perfect choice for a wedding to remember.

Villa Di Maiano, Florence

Villa di Maiano, an idyllic countryside estate only 15 minutes from Florence, boasts lush green hills overlooking the city. Refined Italian gardens, magnificent indoor halls, and breathtaking panoramic views make it the ideal location for an elegant and exclusive wedding celebration. The banquet hall accommodates up to 110 guests, and outdoor space is available for marquees. The Tapestries Room is the gem of the estate’s magnificent rooms, all steeped in history and charm. For a venue with unrivaled historical value and views of Florence, there is none closer than Villa di Maiano.

Masseria Torre Coccaro, Puglia

Amid the wild beauty of Apulia’s rustic countryside, Masseria Torre Coccaro raises its voice as a testament to the refined taste of the 16th century. Its spacious suites, brimming with luxury, are only the beginning of its splendor. The old courtyard, the Olive Mill Hall, the stables’ vaulted restaurant, or even the pool are all available for your wedding festivities. Near the estate is their private beach club, one of the Mediterranean’s finest. With a chapel dating back to 1730, a golf club, and even a spa, Masseria Torre Coccaro is a perfect blend of the past and present, a luxurious venue offering countless options to make your wedding day unforgettable.

Masseria Pettolecchia, Puglia

Amidst the idyllic landscape of Puglia lies the illustrious Masseria Pettolecchia La Residenza, a sprawling estate that exudes refinement and sophistication. This private sanctuary recently renovated to the highest echelon of luxury, houses five sumptuous suites across two levels, each overlooking a breathtaking vista of endless olive trees and the vast sea beyond. With a team of dedicated staff, including a butler and daily housekeeping services, this haven is available exclusively for weekly rentals. For those seeking an intimate and authentic affair, the estate’s 8-hectare park is perfect for a symbolic ceremony or an exclusive gala dinner beneath a marquee. The property’s manicured lawn and olive grove create a serene ambiance. And the pool, living room, and suites adorned with the most exquisite decor provide splendid spaces to capture the most beautiful wedding moments.

Dimora Delle Balze, Sicily

Dimora delle Balze, a veritable haven nestled in the charming Sicilian countryside, is a treasure trove that never fails to captivate those searching for authenticity, unspoiled beauty, and refined elegance. Once a summer retreat of nobility. The walls, floors, and ceilings got restored to return to their former glory. And today, it stands as a renowned venue for unforgettable weddings in Sicily.

With three courtyards to choose from, one boasting a splendid Modica stone floor capable of accommodating up to 150 guests, the Winter Garden, nestled behind ancient walls, and the Manor Garden, adorned with classical columns, the great outdoors offers ample space for a dynamic event that is sure to leave guests awe-inspired. The Dimora also boasts eleven exquisite double rooms, catering to a maximum of twenty-two guests.

When you choose Dimora delle Balze, you embark on a journey of exploration, uncovering natural, artistic, and captivating masterpieces that await amidst the unspoiled embrace of nature.

Best Wedding Venues in Italy in Historical Cities

Belmond Hotel Cipriani, Venice

The Belmond Hotel Cipriani, a modern haven of luxury in the heart of Venice, beckons those who seek respite from the bustling city. Nestled on a small island, just a stone’s throw from Saint Mark’s Square, it offers guests the seclusion of exquisitely manicured gardens and vineyards, a laid-back yet exclusive atmosphere, and an array of refined services and gastronomy, all hallmarks of the Belmond brand.

From a romantic alfresco ball on the Fondamenta (overlooking the illustrious St. Mark’s Square) to a lavish feast in the opulent Longhi Ballroom, this contemporary luxury hotel provides a sublime setting for an unforgettable wedding. Its modern luxury aesthetic blends with the serenity and intimacy granted by its unique location. The breadth and diversity of its many offerings make the Cipriani the best choice for an elegant and sophisticated wedding.

Aman, Venice

Behold the Aman Venice, a premier luxury destination set within a 16th-century Venetian Palazzo. Adorned with frescoed ceilings, Murano glass chandeliers, stucco ornaments, and breathtaking vistas of the Grand Canal, this hotel stands as one of the most exclusive in Venice.

With twenty-four lavish rooms, some replete with original 16th-century paintings and frescoes, this hotel offers unparalleled accommodations for up to forty-eight guests. The verdant yard overlooking the Grand Canal, the splendid Ballroom, and the Salon provide the perfect backdrop for a lavish and romantic wedding celebration.

The hotel’s picturesque garden is considered a rare gem in Venice. It pairs with the luxurious standards of the esteemed Aman group and the awe-inspiring frescoed halls. Couples seeking to create an unparalleled celebration of their love need to look no further.

Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Venice

Discover the enchanting Palazzo Pisani Moretta, a veritable 15th-century Venetian palace gracing the banks of the Grand Canal. The ground, first, and second floors boast numerous palatial Baroque halls. The best Venetian artisans of the 18th century are responsible for adorning them. It is for this reason that this palazzo is especially fitting for couples hosting a multitude of guests.

The architectural splendor of this palace, combined with its lavishly decorated, voluminous halls, render the Palazzo Pisani Moretta one of the most captivating venues for an opulent dream wedding in Venice.

Villa Aurelia, Rome

Behold the resplendent Villa Aurelia, a Baroque villa nestled in a refined park atop the highest peak of Rome’s historic walls, bestowing unparalleled vistas of the Eternal City.

The Garden is a veritable fairyland. It provides an enchanting setting for an aperitif or ceremony. The refined Noble floor, a paragon of elegance, is perfect for a romantic dinner reception with an awe-inspiring terrace overlooking the city.

The assortment of spaces at one’s disposal, in conjunction with the unparalleled panoramic views of Rome, make this historically rich villa the perfect venue for an incomparable wedding celebration, one that will forever linger in the memories of all in attendance.

Villa Gamberaia, Florence

Enter the historical Villa Gamberaia, a sublime 17th-century villa renowned for its luxuriant gardens. This paradisiacal villa rests atop a hill overlooking the city of Florence, a mere twenty minutes away by automobile from the city’s center.

Groomed hedges, countless rows of trees, and awe-inspiring fountains: it’s no wonder why the famous gardens of the villa have been examined and imitated, painted and photographed by myriad garden enthusiasts and landscape architects, regarded as the ultimate representation of the quintessential Italian landscape.

The property offers accommodations for up to 40 people, with both the villa and the surrounding luxurious apartments providing a delightful self-catering option for couples desirous of hosting their wedding in Florence.

Rest assured, dear friend, that your dream garden wedding in Italy can metamorphose into a glorious reality at this exquisite wedding venue.

Wrapping Up!

And what, pray to tell, is your sentiment toward this compendium? Have you taken a liking to any particular nuptial domicile? Ere you depart for Italia, it is beneficial to learn some Italian. Click here and sample a podcast-style course on the house for seven days.

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