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Rosetta Stone Italian: Reviews

My intention on this post is to give you a quick insight and review on Rosetta Stone. I personally used Rosetta Stone, and based on my experience I have written these few lines. I started to learn Italian with Rosetta Stone back in 2011. I still remember those years, very good years! Before this I had never studied Italian. So my first contact with Italian was using this software.

Review: 80/100 points

Link: Rosetta Stone

I really wanted to learn Italian. I was greatly motivated. So I started the course at the very beginning: Uomo, donna, bambino! I hear the checking sound in my head while I write this. I remember using my laptop and speaking into the microphone when I was asked by Rosetta Stone to repeat a phrase.

I remember that some of my fellow Collegestudents at college where also using Rosetta Stone to learn other languages. And some of them reported their progress on Facebook and other social media. I still remember one of them that was trying to learn Russian, writing something on Facebook about it, and all the rest of my friends joking on his comment about his progress.

So in this context I started with Rosetta Stone on my journey of learning the Italian language. First thing, I used Rosetta Stone daily. I constantly was tracking my progress. I had goals for the week. And I always tried to archive them.

I liked the imagery. One thing that I really liked was that I could spend hours and hours with Rosetta Stone and not felt fatigued. I even thought it was a bit easy, and some times tried to go faster because I felt that the software was not demanding of me enough. There is a lot of repetition, and that is good, but it also can get a bit boring at some points.

I know that all the first words I learned in Italian where learned using Rosetta Stone. I remember when I arrived at my first Milestone in the course, who I became really nervous and could not complete it, and had to go over it again. But after that I went past a lot of other Milestones.

While I was using Rosetta Stone, I did not use any other software, did not go thru any other program. I practiced Italian with Rosetta Stone for about a year in a half. And I advanced from a total beginner to an intermediate level. After I finished Rosetta Stone I felt strong enough to start walking on my own. Started to listen to radio programs, read in Italian and went thru other Italian courses that solidified what I had learned with Rosetta Stone. I am grateful I started with Rosetta Stone. But still I have pros and cons about this software:

1. Based on images. Rosetta Stone does not present a single word in your native language. All the associations are done thru images. I am very visual, and all these images helped me very much in my progress.
2. You learn to listen, read, talk, and write. There are specific sections for each one of these skills.
3. Rosetta Stone does not take you in a hurry thru the course. It goes slowly a smoothly.
4. I like the tracking system of the hours and lessons you take daily.
5. Rosetta Stone is designed that it is impossible to finish the course without learning the basics of the Italian language. There is so much repetition, that there is no more option, but to learn them.

1. Repetition can be boring if you are not fully motivated. You will probably be tempted to quit at some points.
2. You will not become a fluent speaker using Rosetta Stone.
3. The images are not associated with the Italian culture. They are generic images. This merge with the Italian culture could help in your Italian learning.

But overall, my experience with Rosetta Stone was very pleasant. I have good memories of my first lessons of Italian using Rosetta Stone. And the results I obtained were a great platform to construct all that came next. For me, Rosetta Stone was the beginning o a marvelous journey. If you are interested in give Rosetta Stone a try, you can check it out by clicking here.

If you have any comments or questions about Rosetta Stone, please leave them in the box bellow.

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