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Rosetta Stone Italian Customer Reviews

We scoured the internet for Rosetta Stone Italian customer reviews, uncovering both favorable and unfavorable appraisals, as well as those devoid of any strong sentiment. These critiques may assist you in examining Rosetta Stone from varying perspectives before committing to a purchase. It must be emphasized that these statements do not mirror our own evaluation of this language-learning program. If you want to read our review, click here. And so, without any additional preface, let us dive straight into the first customer review concerning Rosetta Stone:


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Summary: Good product, but requires devoted diligence.

In general, I favor the Rosetta Stone approach. But it’s not for everyone.

Several crucial concepts, particularly those relevant to travel, should be introduced in earlier stages of the program rather than after 100+ hours. For instance, I went to Italy merely three weeks after acquiring the course. And up to that point, the only food-related word I knew was sandwich, bread, rice, and apple.


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Summary: limited grammar, costly, and at the end of the day, requires supplementary course.

I’ve been utilizing this product for a few weeks and am currently working on level 2. I have used all three components, the main lessons, the flashcards on my iPad, and the repetitive vocabulary. I comprehend Italian sentences with the aid of the Rosetta Stone pictures, but other than that I can not do much. This program teaches vocabulary by repetition, but it does not teach grammar. One must discern the patterns, which are simple with some words and conjugations (especially with some knowledge of Spanish), but with most words, it is difficult to figure out the rules. I think there should be some sentence explanation and translation to facilitate learning. Regrettably, I’ve come to realize that one requires a supplementary program to genuinely learn the language, and considering the price of Rosetta Stone, it’s a wasteful use of time and money. If cost factored into my evaluation, I would’ve given it a solitary star.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the Rosetta Stone Italian customer reviews. It is always helpful to have access to varying perspectives before making a purchase, and the reviews provided by Kheldar and Kas offer helpful insights into the strengths and weaknesses of the language-learning program.
    I found it interesting that while Kheldar describes Rosetta Stone’s approach favorably, he felt that some crucial concepts should have been introduced earlier in the program to better prepare him for real-world situations.

  2. Learning a new language takes time and dedication. I started learning Italian because I was moving to Italy. I am attending an Italian course in college. But, I have been looking for additional material to supplement collage.
    I had not heard about Rosetta Stone before. But reading these Rosetta Stone Italian customer reviews has discouraged me. If travel and food do not come up until 100 hours after joining, and grammar explanations are absent, it’s not for me.

    1. The purpose of these customer reviews is to make you aware of other people’s experience using Rosetta Stone. I am glad that these reviews helped you make up your mind.

  3. I am currently learning French from Duolingo. I have tried lots of different learning apps. Duolingo is my favorite right now.

    I have also tried Rosetta Stone. I think Rosetta Stone is good. But I wouldn’t pay for it personally. It seems too repetitive for my taste. That is my 2 cents comment.

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