Apps bring solutions closer to us. They can aid us in a wide range of activities. And the fact that we have them at the touch of our fingertips makes them very convenient.

You name it! Ranging from the world’s most popular social media to games, restaurant finders, and news. There seems to be an app for everything.

Therefore, it makes sense to search for apps to help us learn Italian. Which are the best apps for learning Italian? You could download and test a handful of them. But it can be time-consuming. Especially when it takes several attempts to find what we’re looking for. It’s common to discover that an app is not what we expected after downloading. So, we have made a list of apps. And picked from them our top choices. As a result, in this post, we provide you with the best apps for learning Italian.

1. Bussu

They teach 11 different languages. And Italian is one of them. However, we highlight this app because they seem to be doing things right. And if you don’t believe us, ask their more than 50 million users worldwide.

The app introduces Italian vocabulary. It covers topics for all levels: family, shopping, free time, and food for beginners. And more complex themes such as politics, nature, and life choices. These, seek to also engage more advanced students.

Lessons use flashcards, matching word exercises, and listening to dialogues by natives. It even has language games. However, the most exciting feature is the option of sending exercises to a native speaker. And natives answer back with feedback. This connection with natives is not only praised by us but it’s almost Bussu’s signature feature.

Bussu’s core product is free. And we encourage you to give it a try. However, upgrading to the premium membership may only make sense if their layout works for you.

Bussu is free for download for IOS, Android, and online.

2. Duolingo

This is the most popular language-learning app out there. It feels like a game. Therefore, besides being educational, it’s quite addicting.

Here is an app for users that struggle with motivation for learning Italian. The whole system encourages you to win points. There is a certain number of points required to meet your daily goal. You can personalize what your daily goal is. And 5 minutes a day can be enough. But the trick is that you need to set a goal. And you’ll find yourself day after day coming back.

The game-style exercises include multiple-choice questions, translation challenges, and pronunciation quizzes. So, as you learn vocabulary and grammar, the app will check your progress with short tests. Then it recalibrates lessons according to your needs.

The app covers a large selection of subjects. Clothing, work, places to go, education would be just a few.

For intermediate and more advanced students there is a test at the beginning. With it, they can establish their level of Italian. Hence, the intention is to make it possible for them to avoid going through the basics as other users. Duolingo can only take you to a certain intermediate level. From there on, you’ll have to search for other apps or courses. But in our book, it’s an excellent way to get started. And to cap it all, you can do all their program completely free.

Duolingo is not only free for download for IOS, Android and online but all the program itself is free.

3. Italki

This app is different from the other apps in this group. It focuses on the conversational aspect of Italian. The general theme of the app is booking sessions with tutors. And these tutors are also native Italian speakers.

Some language learners state that speaking is the hardest skill. Well, Italki has you covered.

It also has a notebook feature where you can submit written work. And your tutor will review and correct it for you.
These Skype-like lessons to practice conversations are fairly cheap. And the value you get in return is high.

Italki is free for download for IOS, Android, and online.

4. Learn Italian Words Free

You get exactly what the title of this app suggests. And you probably get even more than you initially expect.
About 10,000 words and phrases are not bad for a completely free app.

You start by defining your Italian skill level from A1-C1. Then you jump right into lessons themed on everyday scenarios. In each lesson, you’ll learn 14 new words.

The app also includes a flashcard dictionary and audio pronunciation. You can even set it to a listening-only mode so you can learn while exercising or doing housework.

Here on our site, we advocate for employing the time you’re doing other tasks to also learn Italian. It gives you more exposure to the language. And this results in learning faster. This app has a cool feature in which you can switch on background relaxation music. So having music with the audio pronunciation listening-only mode makes it perfect. Thus, there will be no excuse to commute without listening to Italian.

Learn Italian Words Free is free for download for Android. All the program itself is free too.

5. Memrise

It follows the same game style present in Duolingo but with an intriguing approach. Players fight against an Alien invasion. And the way to defeat them is correctly using the Italian you know.

It’s an engaging platform. And users that need that additional push to get started will greatly benefit from it.
Lessons have multiple choice exercises (involving Memriseand texts). They also have native speakers having conversations. Thus, it’s nice because it exposes you to the vocabulary you learned. And it does it by showing it employed in a natural context. So, they focus on teaching you 3 words per lesson.

Memrise is free for download for IOS, Android, and online.

Wrapping up the best apps for learning Italian

So, there you have our top choice when it comes to apps for learning Italian. Our goal is that you remove the guesswork and focus on starting to learn! Pick one or several of these and start leveling up your Italian today. Please share with us any comments or questions concerning these apps. The comment box below is all yours.


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