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How to Convert Flitto Points to Cash

Do you want to cash out your hard-earned Flitto points? Are you wondering how to convert your Flitto points to cash? Read on! This post will answer all your questions on this topic.

How much is one Flitto point worth?

One Flitto point is equivalent to 0.0007 USD. Wow, that sounds pretty low. However, doing some damage control after that statement, it must be noted that the lowest sum one can receive for a simple task on Flitto is 5 points. Regularly, it’s around 100 to 400 points.

So, let’s do the math. To muster the total of a single dollar, you need to accumulate 1,450 points.

There are two ways you can convert your Flitto points into cash.

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These two methods have different thresholds. Let’s examine each one of them:

Amazon US gift card

The swiftest route to convert your Flitto points into tangible gains is to cash out Amazon US gift cards. You only need 14,500 points (equivalent to $10 USD).  However, it is essential to note that these gift cards bear the mark of exclusivity, bound solely to be used on Amazon US.

Things to know before cashing out an Amazon US gift card

Before cashing out an Amazon US gift card, here are a few points you should know.

  1. You can receive the Amazon US gift card worldwide but can only purchase on Amazon US.
  2. Amazon has a policy stating gift card transfer from one individual to another is strictly forbidden. Thus, if you plan to cash out a gift card and later give it to a friend, you may encounter difficulties with Amazon.
  3. Once you reach the points to redeem a $10 gift card, you get exactly a $10 gift card. No hidden fee is in the way.
  4. Your Amazon US gift card shall find its way to your email immediately following your successful cash-out on Flitto.


The minimum you can cash out to PayPal is $35 USD (50,000 points). Flitto’s design dictates fixed amounts for all PayPal cashouts. So, here are the points required to unlock each specific redemption tier.

50,000 equals $35 USD.

100,000 equals $70 USD.

150,000 equals $105 USD.

200,000 equals $140 USD.

Things to know before cashing out with Paypal

  1. To receive money from Flitto, first, complete your PayPal validation process.
  2. When Flitto sends money to your PayPal account, 6.25% of the amount goes away as a fee. Thus, for $35 USD, you will be charged $2.19 USD, leaving you with a balance of $32.81 USD to claim as your own. I will leave you a screenshot below of my last Flitto cash out.
  3. After cashing out, it takes 3 to 5 business days for your money to appear in your PayPal balance.
Flitto Cashout to PayPal

Where can I find the option to cash out on Flitto?

  1. When you’re on Flitto’s welcome page, look on the top right for your profile picture and click it.
Flitto main page
  1. A window will be displayed. Click Store.
Flitto profile menu
  1. Inside the store, you’ll see the two cash-out options we explained in this post (Amazon US gift card and PayPal). Click on the option you prefer.
Flitto points to cash

Wrapping Up!

Thus, this story has a happy ending. Enjoy your hard-earned cash.

While Flitto’s rewards may not be grand, they materialize in your account. Flitto is not a scam.

However, if you want to expand beyond these modest grounds, I will share my odyssey because it may prove of value to your aspirations.

I earned my first dollars online through Flitto. It was a rewarding experience to receive that email notifying me that the money was in my account.

However, I kept researching online and discovered an uncharted horizon that offered greater rewards and untapped potential. This revelation led me to embark upon a journey of my own, crafting a website (this one you’re currently reading) and finding better returns, far exceeding what Flitto had to offer.

If you’re longing for a higher level of achievement, then check out this platform for free. It has everything you need to get started.

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  1. Thank you for this helpful article. Getting an Amazon card always comes in handy. We are always buying on Amazon, and just yesterday, I wanted to buy a bunch of stuff and had to cut my list by half because I didn’t have enough cash. An Amazon card would have saved the day!

    1. Amazon is very versatile and well-known. Because of this, many sites offer Amazon gift cards as rewards. Flitto is one of these sites that has Amazon gift cards as an option for cashing out your payments. It may take some time to earn your rewards but they are legitimate.

  2. Hello! I’ve been using Flitto and accumulating points, and I’m really interested in converting these points to cash. Your article was quite helpful in explaining the process, but I still have a few questions:

    1. The article mentions that one Flitto point is equivalent to 0.0007 USD, and the minimum sum for a task is 5 points. So, if I understand correctly, for the smallest task, I would earn around 0.0035 USD. How often do these tasks come up, and how much time does it usually take to accumulate a substantial number of points?

    2. I see two methods to convert Flitto points into cash: Amazon US gift cards and PayPal. The Amazon US gift card option requires 14,500 points for $10 USD. However, the PayPal option has different redemption tiers starting at 50,000 points for $35 USD. Could you give me an idea of how much time or effort it might take to reach these points milestones?

    3. The article mentions a fee when using PayPal, where 6.25% of the cash-out amount goes away. Does this mean that for all the different redemption tiers the fee remains the same? Or does it vary based on the redemption amount?

    4. I’m interested in trying out the PayPal option. Could you provide a bit more detail about the PayPal validation process? Is it a one-time thing, or do I need to complete this process each time I want to cash out?

    5. Lastly, is there a limit to how often I can cash out? Can I do it whenever I reach the required point amount, or are there specific timeframes or limitations?

    Thank you for providing such detailed information about converting Flitto points to cash. It’s really valuable for someone like me who is new to this process and looking to make the most out of their earned points.

    1. Hi! Thanks for sharing your questions here. I will answer each of them to the best of my knowledge as a user of the Flitto platform.

      But before I start answering questions, I must share some insight about my case. I translate between pairs of English, Italian, and Spanish. But there are many other languages supported by the platform. The pairs of languages you work with will impact how much work there will be available for you (and how much you earn). In my case, I get most translation work on Flitto from the English-Spanish pair. Italian-English may have contributed to 1% of my earnings on Flitto. Thus, showing that the language pair does have an impact on how much work you get and the money you earn.

      1. The first question has two parts. I will answer: “How often do these tasks come up?” in this section. And the second, “How much time does it usually take to accumulate a substantial number of points?” will be answered in section number two. During the past year, these low-paying tasks have been available most of the time. Probably a day or two, you would not see tasks. And then they would appear again. However in the past, three months, For Spanish-English, and English-Spanish, there has not been work.

      2. It takes me about two months to reach the $35 USD threshold to cash out with PayPal. And I get in the Flitto app only when doing some other activity that doesn’t demand my full attention (commuting, exercising, etc). Back in 2016, I remember cashing out Amazon cards on Flitto. But I have not used this option for a long time.

      3. Because it takes about two months to cash out with Flitto, I have only been cashing out with the PayPal 35 USD option. I have not cashed out higher amounts. But I believe that the fee is the standard PayPal fee. And thus, the percentage goes down, the higher the amount.

      4. The PayPal validation process is a one-time thing. And it’s done inside your PayPal account to prove to PayPal that you’re a legit person. The validation process doesn’t have to do with Flitto. But Flitto doesn’t pay you until you have your PayPal account validated.

      5. I understand you can cash out every time you reach the required point amount. I have not experienced limitations concerning how often I can cash out on Flitto.

      I hope my answers have shed some light. Feel free to expand on any of your questions or follow up on any of the answers.

  3. At a value of only $0.0007 for each point, I think it could take a very long time to cash out. Therefore, it might not be worthwhile. And with PayPal charging 6.25% on each transaction, I don’t think it offers value for money. Thank you for sharing this helpful post. It saved me time not having to discover all this on my own.

    1. Thank you for your sharing!
      As you said, after make an order for cash out with PayPal, need 3-5 days for receive money in my PayPal, right?
      I got Points from Arcade and just made a cash-out but I can’t find any information about how long I will receive the money.

  4. My Flitto points began to roll in. I have fun translating on the platform. But I began to wonder if I ever could be able to cash out on Flitto. I am glad to read that Flitto does pay (that they are not a scam).

    The PayPal option is convenient. I will go that route once I get to the threshold.

  5. The explanation about how much each Flitto point is worth and the math to reach a dollar was straightforward. The breakdown of the two ways to convert points was helpful, especially the details about Amazon US gift cards and PayPal. Overall, it gave me a good understanding of how to cash in my Flitto points and what to expect.

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