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Duolingo streak record

To explain the Duolingo streak, allow me this comparison. Learning a new language can be similar to going to the gym. When a year begins, there are many New Year resolutions. In them, most people include exercising. But making it a regular habit is challenging.

Now, when it comes to keeping language learners encouraged, it is no less challenging. I understand that the folks at Duolingo have done a lot of A/B testing. And the result is the Duolingo Streak. That sounds good, but does it work? The exciting news is that it does the trick. It keeps users coming back.

For sports fans, it is exciting to see their favorite athlete perform. And when they have a good streak, it is even more rewarding.

For language learners, it’s exciting to see their streak grow. It gives them this sense of accomplishment.

But I wondered who has the Duolingo streak record? Who has been daily meeting their goals at Duolingo uninterruptedly for the most time?

Duolingo Unofficial Streak Hall of Fame

I could not find a direct answer to this question on the Duolingo platform. But there is a site called the “Duolingo Unofficial Streak Hall of Fame” that helped me out. To take a look at it, please click here.

Duolingo Italian

According to the count at Duolingo Unofficial Streak Hall of Fame… drums, please… at the time of writing this post, the Duolingo Streak record is in the hands of a user learning Italian. How cool is that? Are you learning Italian too?

Wait a minute! Of all the languages available on Duolingo… the user holding the record is learning the same language as you! He has enjoyed learning it with Duolingo for more than seven years (at the time of writing this post).

I view it like this. Duolingo is a helpful platform. And proof of it is its worldwide following. But its Italian course must have something special. It was capable of keeping this user coming back again and again for more than seven years! Therefore, what do you think? LOL.

And here is an additional fun fact, position number 3 is in the hands of… yeah… you guessed it! Position number 3 (at the time of writing this post) is for a user that also is learning Italian! Hmm, that doesn’t seem to be a coincidence.

What does the Duolingo Italian course have? It makes its learners stick to the platform for years.

What makes Duolingo so good?

Why would somebody stick with it for so long? What do you think about positions 1 and 3 being in the hands of Italian learners?

The Top Five – March 18th, 2020:

1. Christi3: Learning Italian and Latin – Duolingo streak record – (2,624 days).

2. SarkaB: Learning Portuguese, Spanish, and French (2,623 days).

3. johnarnold: Learning Italian, German, Spanish, and Chinese (2,619 days).

4. DeeRamm: Learning German and Spanish (2,617 days).

5. jelinek: Learning German and Spanish (2,617 days).


Can I rely only on Duolingo for learning Italian?

I have my position concerning only using Duolingo for a very long time. Of course, I agree you can start using Duolingo alone. But, as time goes by, complement your learning with other platforms. Keeping a streak is good, but Duolingo is not an all-in-one course. Thus, if you would like to read a bit more about my opinion about this, check this post by clicking here.

Please tell me about your Duolingo Streak?

Finally, I’d like to see who has the record among us that interact on this blog. Leave a comment sharing your longest streak (proof would be ideal). Have you been able to reach 100 days? 200 days? What have you learned from it? Tell us in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.


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  1. I know of 2 friends that used Duolingo for sometime and today they are fluent in the language they were learning. I don’t know if they only used Duolingo or they combined it with other things. I’ll have to ask them. But what I know is that the platform seems to be helpful.

    One of them told me about this Duolingo Streak. It motivated him to practice daily. Based on this, I’m encouraged to give Duolingo a try. So, my streak is beginning today!

    1. Hi Benson. It’s good you have the close experience of two of your friends with the platform. I always recommend Duolingo but I don’t recommend to use it alone. They probably combined it with other resources.I wish you all the best in this journey that starts today. Feel free to come here and share your progress or ask for suggestions. We’d be eager to hear how it goes.

  2. Hi! I have been using Duolingo for about 7 months now but up to this point I haven’t paid attention to the Duolingo Streak. Reading in forums, I ‘ve noted that this Streak is quite a thing and have felt curios about it.
    I’ll try to start a streak today to see where it takes me. Thanks for this Streak Hall of Fame.

    1. Hi Joseph! It’s good to hear you’ve made up your mind to build your own streak. Practicing everyday will lead you to have a better command of Italian. All the best in this journey that starts today.

  3. Hi, and thanks for researching and finding this list. I had always asked myself this question: who has the longest streak. Little did I know that it was somebody learning Italian! Fun fact. Italian’s course on Duolingo must be good! 😉

    Thank you very much for your site. Keep up the good work. Stay safe!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your kind word concerning this humble site. They’re much appreciated.Yes, the record being in hands of somebody that is also learning Italian took me by surprise too.

  4. Duolingo has done a good job with all the languages it teaches. And proof of it is the worldwide incredible following. But when it comes to Italian, it is the really best of all their courses, capable of keeping us coming back again and again.

    Thanks for sharing the fun fact that both position 1 and 3 are Italian learners.

    1. You’re most welcome. Yeah, it’s fun to know that. Keep up your streak, we could have you soon on this list too. 🙂

  5. Hello, I was intrigued about who had the record and have had a nice time reading this post. I agree with you: we can’t use Duolingo alone. I view things like this: we can build up our streak, it will only take us 2 – 3 minutes daily to complete our goal. But then go off to the other resources we’re using. Use Duolingo only as an alarm clock!

  6. This guy with the record must have an alarm clock that tells him to practice three times a day! LOL. When I have been going with a good streak, then all of a sudden something big happens and my attention is shifted for one day and I lose the streak. Please ask this guy what he did to keep this streak alive for so long.

    1. Hahaha, yeah we’ll have to ask him.Did you know that if you skipped Duolingo for a day or two you could still keep your streak? To read how, click here.

  7. I had set a new year’s resolution to learn a new language. But so far I haven’t done much about it. This makes me a bit uncomfortable. But now that I have come across your site and this little green owl has popped his face out, I think it’s time to at least practice with Duolingo. I hope building a streak encourages me.

    1. Hey, I am glad that you have made up your mind to at least give this 5 minutes a day! The little green owl will take care of the rest.

  8. I use Duolingo to learn Mandarin and I really like the app. But I agree, it is not the only app you should use.  It only awakens your excitement for the language. But the actual learning should be done with more advanced platforms.  Thanks for this post!

  9. I have had to learn several languages over the last 45 years and have never heard of Duolingo.  It sounds interesting.  I  I am particularly curious about your comment that at some point it is important to start using another system as well.  I enjoy learning new languages and improving on the 4 that I know fairly well.  I am going to look up Duolingo and see if it is something that might be useful at my age.  Thanks for this post that has really got me thinking.

    1. Duolingo is for those who want to start learning a language or refresh what they know about a language they have some time without using. But once you enter into heat again, you should use other platforms that are more robust.

      Yes, give Duolingo a try. You’ll enjoy it!

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