Flame in Duolingo Streak

Duolingo Streak – Cool way to keep encouraged

In my book, Duolingo has been a very useful platform. And one of the cool features is that it daily encourages us to practice the language we’re learning! One of the ways it encourages us is by keeping a record of our streak. Our Duolingo streak is the number of days we have continually meet our practicing goal.

This streak shows on our profile for everybody to see. It’s public. So a quick look at anybody’s profile will reveal how long their streak has been. In other words, how many days have they continually met their goal inside the platform?

Even if a person leaves a comment or question on Duolingo’s forums, their streak will show. Yeah, just beside their comment. The streak follows our username where ever we go.

Maintaining a streak can be difficult

First of all, we must be committed to learning the language. Setting apart time to practice can be easy the first couple of days. But after 2 – 3 months, things begin to get in the way pushing us to stop from daily accomplishing our goal.

So that streak number can be an indicator of how serious a person is regarding learning a language.

I lost my streak today

So, I want to announce that I officially lost my Duolingo Streak today. Yeah, it hurts a bit! But I realized that for every person showing a big number on their profile, dozens have also lost a long streak.

Have you ever lost a long Duolingo streak?

So, first of all, we should define what long is. So let’s set the number at 100. Have you ever been 100 continuous days accomplishing your daily goal on the platform? And then, all of a sudden you’ve lost it all?

Well, the first thing we should do is dust ourselves off a bit. What happened that we lost our streak in the first place? All of us have so many things going on. But maybe we can pinpoint which opportunity we lost during the day that cost us our streak.

Then after adjusting our schedule, we should start right away. It looks kinda weird looking at our profile and seeing this.


But, it should just encourage us to keep on. The streak is just a collateral goal. The real goal is to learn the language. And by maintaining the streak so long, we’re hopefully doing well in our main goal.

Maintaining a Duolingo streak

Most of you that have managed to forge long streaks may by now, know what can be done to maintain it. But I’ll list here 2 ways that can help you continue your streak even during those difficult days. Chances are that you could still save your streak, even though you have just lost it.

Streak Freeze: it “allows your streak to remain in place for one full day of inactivity.” If you have already lost your streak, there is no way a Streak Freeze can return your streak to life. But I advise you to go right now to Duolingo Shop and purchase for further occasions. It just costs 10 Lingots and it is worth having when we come across one of those super busy days.

Duolingo Streak Freeze

Joining Duolingo Plus: this is the paid version of Duolingo. This gives every member an additional day of inactivity every month. This is besides the one bought with Streak Freeze.

Duolingo Plus

We may need to explain this better. So, imagine you’ve had a very busy day. And you skipped Duolingo for a day. In this case, having purchased beforehand a Streak Freeze can keep your streak alive. But now let’s imagine you skipped your streak for 2 consecutive days. Being a Duolingo Plus member will keep your streak alive. For this second day of inactivity, Duolingo Plus comes to the rescue.

But don’t get used to skipping days. On the third day you’ll have to meet your goal because if you don’t, there’ll be no charm that will bring your streak back to life.

Your streak may still be alive!

So, if you have skipped one day from meeting your goal and you didn’t have a Streak Freeze then your streak has gone to 0. You may have purchased a Streak Freeze but spent 2 days of inactivity. In this case, your streak is showing 0 too. In any of these cases, don’t panic.

There are two ways you can have your streak back! Good for you. Check them out by clicking here.

What happened to me?

I’ve had a very busy month. The month started and the very first day of the month I skipped Duolingo one day. No problem, Streak Freeze came to the rescue. I skipped Duolingo the second day. No problem, I’m using Duolingo Plus and I was rescued again. I got back on track the third day and began meeting my goals again. I reached my goal on the third, fourth, and fifth day. But then I skipped another day. No problem again! Streak Freeze came to the rescue once again. So I had to accomplish my Duolingo goal yesterday to keep my streak alive… but I didn’t. And I went two consecutive days of inactivity in the same month.

You could ask: and can’t Duolingo Plus save you? I was also counting on Duolingo Plus and that’s why it was a bit of a shock when I logged in and saw my streak lost. Remember Duolingo Plus only saves one day of inactivity a month. And I had already used this streak saver offered by Plus. So, no way, my streak is ended.

Duolingo Streaks work at keeping us encouraged.

You know this Duolingo Streak thing works when it’s 11:47 PM and rush to Duolingo. Has it happened to you? Meet your daily goal to maintain your streak alive becomes quite a thing for us.

Have you ever lost a long Duolingo streak? I’d like to hear from you in the comments below.

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  1. What a brilliant idea! Language learning combined with the Snapchat and social media streaks.  I absolutely love this and I am glad I ran into this site now since I am going to Rome in the next couple of months and will definitely use this app to learn a bit of Italian. I will check back as well to see if you add some cool non-touristy things to do in Italy as well. Thank you for this site!

    1. Hi Robert. You’re most welcome. Yeah, this Duolingo feature is similar to Snapchat’s streaks. It keep you daily engaged with the language you’re learning. All the best in your trip to Rome.

  2. Having streaks is definitely a great way to keep on motivated and build good habits. I actually used an app called Fabulous before. It’s designed to help you build better habits and it had things like streaks. The most I ever gotten was a month. At first, it feels really good to keep a streak going, but over time, it just got boring. I think companies should definitely incorporate a reward system that would reward members for reaching certain milestones regarding streaks over the long run. I’m definitely interested in Duolingo though. I had never heard of this app, but searching for apps with streaks made me land on your post. Are there any information sources that you could point me towards?

    1. Hi Kevin. I had not heard about Fabulous but I appreciate the concept of streaks it implements. Yes, reward systems would make it even more exciting.Sure, if you would like to read more about Duolingo, here are two post you should check: first read this one and after read this. Keep well!

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