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Why is Italy not in the World Cup 2022?

You may be wondering: Why is Italy not in the World Cup 2022?

The FIFA World Cup is an exciting date for all sports fans (and obviously for soccer fans). The best teams in the world come together to fight for a dream: to win the World Cup.

However, one of the world’s most well-known soccer teams, the Italian national team (four-time world champions), will not be present. It is unbelievable that Roberto Mancini’s squad will not be in the spotlight for about a month.

Italy will not be able to attend a World Cup for the second consecutive time. Something strange if you consider Italy’s soccer history.

Mancini’s side lost the decisive match in the UEFA play-off against North Macedonia. They had to play this game against the Macedonians because, in Group C of the first knockout stage (formed by Switzerland, Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, and Lithuania), they did not snatch first place from Switzerland. The knockout was not bad for the Italians, but they ended up in second place.

It was also a painful elimination, as Aleksandar Trajkovski scored the visitors’ goal in the last moments of the match. The game was full of goal opportunities for the Italians, but they failed to score.

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