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My 2024 New Year’s language learning resolutions

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions. So, what about focusing this year on language learning?

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But please do not just write: I want to learn Italian. It will be hard to make it happen if you leave it at that! So, please stick around and shim in some actionable tips beside your New Year’s Resolution!

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1. Practice often!

You may not have time to devote 3 – 4 continuous hours to learning a language. But you can have spaces of 10 minutes scattered throughout the day. So, using this time for language learning can make a difference!

Some suggestions are:

Write your to-do lists and shopping lists in the language you’re learning.

Set your phone to the target language.

Follow social media content in your target language.

Watch videos in the language.

2. Watch out for opportunities.

After reading our first tip, you may say: “I got it! I have it all figured out!” However, after practicing as much as you can, there will still be wasted opportunities to practice. Thus, keep an eye open to spot these opportunities. Learning a language requires consistent usage. And there is no shortcut. Then, looking out for opportunities to practice must be one of your goals.

Many resources are available online (videos, podcasts, articles). So, waiting for the bus to come or waiting for dinner to cook are good opportunities to improve language skills.

3. Do not fear mistakes! 

A man walking a tightrope has little room for mistakes. But he sure tripped and fell a lot when learning to walk. Have you ever heard about a baby who learned to walk on the first try?

You will commit mistakes while learning a language. So, trying to avoid them will only hinder your progress. Besides, it’s unrealistic to expect that you will not. So, do not let embarrassing moments discourage you from mastering the language.

Learn Italian with a podcast-style course

Wrapping Up!

We’re glad your New Year’s resolutions include learning a new language. But remember, you will not achieve your goal if you do not take action! I hope these tips get the wheels rolling for you!

Don’t give up! I wish you the best in your new journey!

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  1. I like the concise but apt points you made here. Learning a language is such an important skill. But I never really thought of making it a new year’s resolution. However, thinking about it, it sounds good. I will go back to my list and see how I can include language learning.

  2. Setting language learning resolutions is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their language skills. Writing down specific and achievable goals draws us closer to accomplishing them.

    One aspect of the article that I particularly appreciated was the emphasis on using multiple resources to enhance learning.

    Thank you for the ideas shared on this post.

  3. Thank you for the advice on learning a new language. It is crucial to dedicate time to practice. One thing I didn’t consider is writing the grocery list or setting the phone settings to the language you’re learning. That is a helpful idea! These small things, when done consistently, make a difference. And it can help improve the learning process.

    1. Yes, these small things expand our exposure to the language we are learning! I wish you all the best in your language-learning endeavor!

  4. Hey there, Jonathan!

    Your language learning resolutions for 2024 sound fantastic! I agree that consistent practice (even in short bursts) can be incredibly effective.

    I also appreciate your emphasis on embracing mistakes while speaking – Do you have any strategies or tips for overcoming the fear of making mistakes when speaking a new language?

    Wishing you all the best on your language-learning journey in 2024! 🌟

    1. Hi, Hannah! Thanks for stopping by. There is a whole post here for overcoming the fear of making mistakes when speaking a new language. I hope you find it helpful!

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