Motivation for learning a language – People’s Influence

In this post, I’d like to address some important motivational factors when you’re learning a new language. These factors could detour your focus from continuing to learn a language. So we do well to consider them. People around you influence your language learning process. And you should be alert. Please don’t let negative influence affect you. And embracing positive feedback.

The more exposure and the more practice you have with the target language, the better.

As you are learning a language it’s normal to commit mistakes. Not pronouncing well some words is part of becoming fluent. You will often confuse the time of the verbs or misplace words in a sentence.

Nobody wants to commit mistakes. But as a starter, this will be part of your learning process. A very important recommendation is to keep on despite these mistakes. Continue using the language even though you might feel a bit embarrassed. These mistakes make us feel silly at times. Embrace them and learn from them.

Receptive and productive skills

To learn a language, you will have to read and listen a lot. This means to exercise yourself in receptive skills. A person frequently listening to people speaking the language will commit fewer mistakes. So, practicing your receptive skills can save you some embarrassment. You don’t practice only when you’re talking.

Importance of practicing

But we won’t over emphasis the importance of practicing. Regarding this, here is an example. Two twin brothers grow together playing baseball. Both have more or less the same skills in the game. As they are ending their teenage years, each one of them starts college in different cities. One joins the college baseball team and trains 3 times a week. The other never again put a glove on. Four years later, whom do you think will commit fewer mistakes playing baseball?

It’s impossible to learn a language without committing mistakes. You can only reduce them by practicing. Remember this daily. The more you practice, (and in this case listen to the language) the more fluent you’ll become.

Influence of people around you while you’re learning a language

When you talk and write in your target language, you might feel shy. New learners talk in a very “peculiar” way. Never fall into the trap of muting yourself thinking of what others will think.

You will also find people that will discourage you. Some are unkind and others express rude comments. But don’t pay attention to them. They don’t understand the effect they cause. But you do know that listening to them can discourage you. So don’t overthink it. They are just kidding. Don’t let it affect you. And continue using the language.

The process that occurs in the brain of an adult is more complex compared to an infant learning a language. However, imagine a little boy growing up. Every time he opens his mouth to talk, his parents start to make fun of him for mispronouncing words. Imagine all his relatives discouraging him with comments about how bad he talks. We know that this type of thing would not occur. And on the contrary, the family is always eager to hear his first words. They motivate the child to continue speaking showing him, abundant love. And applauding his effort, even though it doesn’t come out perfect at the beginning.

Filter feedback

Adults are psychologically stronger than infants, but the principle still applies to adults. Try to avoid people that only discourage you concerning your language learning goals. But this doesn’t mean you are not open to receive feedback.

While you’re learning a new language, the motivational part is very important. And you do well to pay attention to it. Do you have stories about how others have encouraged or discouraged you? Please share them in the comment box below. We would love to hear what has helped you to continue motivated learning Italian. Sharing your experience may also help other visitors. We all struggle when learning a new language.

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  1. Hello
    I enjoyed reading your post and I must admit I have thought about learning another language from time to time but I never have taken the first step. I would like one day to visit Asia and meet some of my online Asian friends in person. So since most of my friends speak Chinese and English, it is not hard for me to communicate with them online. I thought it would be useful to know some Chinese if I ever was able to visit my Chinese friends, but I just have not taken the time to get started.

    1. Hello Jeff!

      Thank you very much for your comment. And I greatly encourage you to start learning a new language. It has many benefits.

      Concerning Chinese, Duolingo has recently incorporated it as one of their courses. You must check this platform. It’s super cool for learning a new language. And it’s completely free. Click here to read more about Duolingo.

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