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Who is Lucrezia Oddone?

Have you heard of an Italian language tutor and content creator named Lucrezia Oddone? She’s one of the most popular Italian language teachers, making great content for students of Italian all over the world.

Lucrezia’s blog is all about Italian culture and lifestyle, but she’s not just a blogger – she’s also a YouTuber. It’s like having your own personal Italian teacher, but way cooler because it’s Lucrezia. Her channel, “Learn Italian with Lucrezia,” is like a window into her daily life in Italy. She explains all sorts of language concepts while showing off the beautiful country that she calls home. It’s like getting a two-for-one deal, folks!

Lucrezia Oddone cartoon

Lucrezia’s got a bachelor’s degree in Applied Interlinguistic Communication and a master’s degree in Modern Languages for International Communication from the University of Roma Tre. But it’s not just her education that makes her stand out, it’s her passion for teaching Italian to the world that sets her apart.

And get this, you can actually book a one-on-one lesson with Lucrezia! Can you imagine how cool it would be to have her as your own personal Italian teacher? So if you want to master the Italian language, or just want to have a chat with Lucrezia about life in Rome, you can book a one-on-one lesson with her. Trust me, folks, it’ll be like hanging out with the coolest Italian tutor around. Just click here and see for yourself.

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  1. Hi there! I’ve recently started showing interest in learning Italian, and I came across your article about Lucrezia Oddone. She seems to be a fantastic Italian language teacher and content creator. I’ve always found learning languages fascinating, and having a personal Italian teacher like Lucrezia is a fabulous way to dive into the culture and language.

    I noticed that she has both a blog and a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching Italian. I’m curious to know more about the content she creates. Could you provide some examples of the topics she covers in her videos or blog posts? Since she also shares about Italian culture and lifestyle, does she incorporate those aspects into her language lessons? And if so, how does she do it?

    Also, I’m intrigued about booking a one-on-one lesson with Lucrezia. It sounds good to learn directly from someone so passionate about teaching Italian. Could you share a bit more about how these personalized lessons work? For instance, are they suitable for beginners like me, and how does the learning process usually unfold in a one-on-one session with her?

    Thank you for introducing me to Lucrezia and her teaching approach. I can’t wait to explore her content and potentially improve my Italian skills through her guidance!

    1. Lucrezia covers everyday life themes and can be categorized as a lifestyle blog. And yeah, her blogs are part of her language lessons. That is what makes them so fun! She talks about these themes and then explains points about the language found in the stories she shares.
      Lucrezia’s one-on-one sessions are at italki. And they unfold the way you would like them to. italki is open and you can request your instructors to follow the program (or style: conversational, structured or spontaneous) you consider best for you.

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