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Best ways to Learn Italian

In this post we show you the best ways to Learn Italian. We consider here things that are very important but many people past by them. When you are learning a foreign language, you must remain focused. You have to advance a little bit every day. It is better to give small steps frequently, than to take a big leap once a year. Try to seek and find activities that you could normally do daily. And try to incorporate Italian into those activities.Conference room

Here are some of the best ways to Learn Italian:

1.) Find a person that shares the same passion for learning Italian as you: if you could find a group of people, it would be much better. The more you engage in conversation with other people in Italian, the more comfortable you will feel. Do not pressure yourself to much on being perfect. Naturally you will mispronounce some words. Encourage others that know Italian to correct you every time they feel it is necessary. Interaction with others can be achieved going to a local Italian course. Consider local options around your community.

2.) Learn about the Italian culture: dedicate time to learn how Italians think. Learn about the regions in Italy, Italian geography and Italian culture. Language is inner woven into the people that speak it. Understanding the cultural background of the Italian people will help you enormously to understand the language.

3.) Find something in Italian that interests you in a very special way. It could be a book, a blog, some youtube videos, etc. The best way to advance in the learning of a language is to do things you enjoy while you are learning. This will help your mind set every day you approach your daily routine of learning Italian.

4.) To remain focused always remember the reason you decided to learn Italian in the first place. To help you remember this reason, you can print some images that will recall that decision and encourage you to keep on learning. You can paste those images in your room, your workplace, keep them on your cell phone, put them on the desktop of your PC, etc.

5.) Follow the recommendations and FREE courses suggested in this site.

I really hope this post has opened your horizon on this matter. Feel free to leave any question or comment in the box bellow.

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  1. My husband and I have been wanting to learn a second language for quite some time now. I like that you mention that it helps when you have someone to do it with together. Is there a program in particular that you recommend?

  2. Italy is a great country with so much history, and the people that live there are very friendly. Italian and Spanish are very alike, I speak Spanish and I have heard some Italian talking and I almost understood everything they said, so If you are a Spanish speaker it should be easier for you to learn Italian, and if you practice the lenguaje you will learn faster, so watching Italian movies, Italian TV programs or hearing Italian music should help you a lot.

    1. Exactly! The more exposed to the language, the quicker you’ll learn it! And you speak Spanish! That is great! Yes, if you already speak Spanish, it should be easier for you to learn Italian! ¡Muchas gracias por pasar por aquí y compartir tu pensamiento con nosotros! Estamos a la orden con cualquier cosa en la que podamos ayudar sobre el aprendizaje de italiano. ¡Que tengas un excelente días! Arrivederci!

    1. Hi, HT! Thank you! I’m very happy to hear that you have found this humble blog useful! Please let me know about any help you may need in your journey learning Italian! Best wishes!

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