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Learn Italian online NOW

Have you wanted to learn Italian for a while? Do you have a certain connection with the Italian people? Are you planning to go to Italy? Whatever your reasons are to learn Italian, you can start learning the language today! No more excuses, no more doubts! You can Learn Italian online NOW!!!

What holds you back?

A lot of people complain that Italian courses are too expensive. Or that they get bored doing Italian lessons. Well, that has been solved! There are a lot of free options to learn Italian online. And learning a language does not have to be boring. There are ways to learn Italian that suit each person’s interests.

What will you find in

In this site, we pass onto you plenty of resources that are at hand on the Internet. And many of them are totally free.

Please check out our perspective on learning a second language. We compare a person that is learning a foreign language to a little child learning to talk. We believe that all a person needs to achieve the goal of learning a new language is: time and exposure. To check this out, click here.


We also have specific recommendations for learning Italian. Based on our own experience, we recommend thing that have been enormously profitable for us during our language learning. And we also alert you from falling into traps that were a waste of time during our journey learning Italian. You can take our recommendations and adjust them to your own needs. To look at what has worked for us, click here.

Finally, we also introduce you to a number of free Italian courses that will take you from a total beginner to a fluent Italian speaker. To check out these awesome courses, click here.

During all the process we try our best to give you diversity of options so you do not feel bored, stuck or sick. Learning a second language as an adult must take into consideration your interests, your motivations, and background knowledge. There is never a one size fits all when you are learning a language.

So how long have you wanted to learn Italian? Enough! Hopefully, you have made up your mind already, so let us plunge into the Mediterranean Sea. Sail past the tempestuous waves of disappointment. And arrive onto the calm waters of success. To keep on going, click here!

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  1. This post is great, I have actually used Rosetta Stone in my past for learning Italian as I was due to get married to an Italian and needed to communicate with his extended family (long story). It is a brilliant product and it most certainly can assist in getting one fluent in the language.

    1. Hi, Helen! Thank you! Good to hear about your experience with the language. Rosetta Stone was also the first course I used to learn Italian. I have a post about Rosetta Stone, my experience, the pros and the cons. If you want to check it out, click here.

  2. Hello Henry,
    I was so glad to see this because I do want to learn Italian. I have wanted to for a long time. My problem is I have already learned some Spanish and some Latin. I felt like I should progress with those before starting Italian.

    My husband and I love Italian food and history and want to go to Italy.

    I will look at your recommendations here. I am excited to learn Italian and appreciate your reviews.
    It is nice you offer a range of options from free to Rosetta Stone.

    1. Hi, Jessica! I’m happy to hear about you! And it’s great to know that you want to learn Italian. If you already know some Spanish and have also studied Latin, learning Italian will be much easier. Thank you for your comment about our reviews and it’s great to hear you will check out our recommendations. I personally suggest you start with all the free options, they are awesome!

  3. Since school I have never been great at learning another language apart from English so I recently started to learn Welsh as I’m from Wales which is going pretty good. I have been looking for another language to try and it looks like Italian might be my next, thanks for this

    1. Hey, Mathew! It’s great to know about your interest in learning Welsh. I highly recommend you to check out Duolingo, it’s a free course and Welsh is available on the platform. To read more about Duolingo, you can click here.

      And you sure can study Italian as well. Here you have all the resources to start and I would be more than happy to lend a hand. Have a great day!

  4. Hi, Henry! Come stai?
    Great article. Yes, it’s true. When I first arrived in Italy and started learning the language I was a little bored and most native speakers of Italian are bilingual of both standardized Italian and their regional dialect. Thank you for this article. It’s fantastic to know you also have a post about Rosetta Stone. I’ll check that one out as well!

    1. Ciao! Tutto bene!Thank you! Yes, Italy has a lot of regional dialects.
      I’d really recommend you check out all the free course first before going to Rosetta Stone. To check out the free courses, click here. To check out a review about Rosetta Stone, click here.
      Thanks for stopping by!

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